Energy Medicine Training for Healers & Lightworks

Shamanism, Daoist 


Join me on the Journey through the Seven Luminous Layers  and learn the luminous language of liberation. I have been a student and a teacher for the last 15 years and it has filled my soul so much with love. My teachings have come to me directly from Spirit , Shamanic teachings from Peru and  Daoist Medicines. 

As each lightworker and healer shows up for these teachings they discover more of their own medicine and then become the teacher.   I treat each training as a living ceremonial space were we support each others work, and in this ceremony space we become stronger and more aligned to our Spirit hence merging the Human and Spirit Self once again.

Luminous Liberation

Level 1   Heal the Human Lower Planes

Luminous Liberation

Level 2 Soul Space Integrating your Wisdom Middle Plane 

Luminous Liberation

Level 3  Awakening your Medicine

Spirit Plane

Shamanic Cleansing Ceremonies

Munay-Ki Rites