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Learn how to use your psychic gifts to heal and let Spirit be your teacher


Join me in Deepening your Medicine Medium Skills and Become a Shamanic Energy Practitioner


Journey with me around the Medicine wheel, to connect with deeper aspects of yourself. Meet these different aspects of yourself, including your soul, spirit, and many lives you have lived.

This training is multi-layered, it provides deep healing, awakening, and ascension, along with becoming an energy practitioner. In this training, you will learn through the framework of ancient teachings and how our ancestors were able to channel and discover their gifts to be of service in their sacred mission on earth.  


If you are new to Shamanic work I will let you know it is an immersion, and profoundly powerful. I remember my first time around the medicine wheel it was very powerful, and I deepened my connection not only to my Spirit but my guides, and my Clairvoyance opened up even more. I became one with nature, the cosmos, and my higher self. The second time around the medicine wheel I worked on building my ancestor mesa, and yet again it was even deeper, and more of Clair Senses started to open. Shamanism is not for everyone, but when if it calls to you, it means it is for you.  


It is with the greatest honor to my teachers and Spirit teacher that I am now offering this training to those who hear the calling to deepen their medium skills with spirit and step into Shamanic energy work.


In the South, we learn the secret passages of light that run through us and how to shed our past, develop your medicine medium skills of tracking.


In the West, healing the invisible multi-dimensional shadows, develop your Clairsentient skills.


In the North, working in the soul realm, ceremonies, contract, and soul retrieval, develop your Clairvoyance skills.


In the East, Co-creating with Spirit, finding the highest destiny and developing your language of Spirit.


Shamanic Sacred Sites Emotimal Body Therapy

Learn how to assist yourself and clients to liberate trauma in the tissues, that is hold hostage to energetic imprints within their body, energy and soul fields. The past is literally in our tissues, causing chaos in our life, once the channels are cleared you can begin to live int he present and leave the past behind so it does not become your future. We will be working with the inner energetics of the meridian points and rebooting the nervous system to function in a balanced manner.

 You will be learning the following in the South Direction:

  • Awaken your medical medium abilities to track the emotions within the body.

  • Neuroscience, psychology and emotional body therapy release work.

  • Develop sensing skills to discover the held back somatic emotional tension.

  • Theory of the four different types of reactions to Trauma

  • Emotions of the Meridians and clearing them

  • Hands on raindrop therapy session.

  • Shamanic tools, sacred floral waters, smudging, botanical cleansing(limpa)

  • Programing your stones for south healing work.

  • Cleansing techniques through breath.

  • Creating your Alter and practice of connecting to Spirit.

  • Despacho (healing, bundles) for clients and ourselves.

  • Understanding your ClairSenses and how to work with them as a practitioner.

  • A full client session of Shamanic Emotional Release.

WEST DIRECTION: Healing the Invisible
Multi- Dimensions of Shadows 

In the west we focus on the death of our shadows, and the light of our shadows turned into wisdom. In this direction you will be learning about the secrets, the mask and protection that is taken on during trauma and how to disarm them energetically. The west direction brings profound shifts to a clients life.

You will learn the following in the West Direction:

  • The Subtle Energy system of the Chakra's and the Luminous energy field.

  • Awaken your Claire empathy gifts to feel into the field

  • Energetic Listening and Directing of Energy

  • Healing generational and ancestor wounds

  • Taking your clients on medicine journeys to shift to higher perceptions.

  • Energetic surgery, removing emotional formed objects, cutting cords and re-attaching cords.

  • Healing ancestors, and loved ones that may of passed and it connected through cords.

  • The shadows and light of the the past lives imprints

  • Ceremony of Death Rites of the Shadow

  • Tracking with luminous energetic field.

  • Separating and balancing the three bodies, physical, energy and spirit body.

  • Clear, Cleanse, and Activate your Chakras to open your psychic centers 

  • Meeting your guides in the West direction.


NORTH DIRECTION: Remembering your Soul

In this direction we are working in the realm of soul, and even our soul needs healing through many lives it has lived.

You will learn the following:

  • Rewriting your Protection Soul Contract

  • Develop the ability to sense your Higher Self

  • Awaken your Clairvoyant Sight to track into between worlds

  • Connecting Heart and Soul Energy Bodies

  • Multi-Dimensional Soul Retrieval, past lives 

  • Microcosmic Orbit to protect the three bodies

  • Shedding our roles to clear all the energy

  • Medicine Journey through the 4 chambers of our soul

  • Soul Loss Medicine Breathwork Journey

  • Tracking in the invisible underworld.

  • Meeting your guides and spirit animal to assist you along the journey.

  • Visit the Akashic records  

EAST DIRECTION: Co-creating with Spirit

Connect with Spirit and listen to your own inner guidance and discover a world beyond the thinking mind. Develop your language of Spirit.

You will learn the following:

  • Ascending daily, by channeling with Spirit.

  • Creating your daily practices.

  • Creating your medicine book

  • Medicine Journeys in the field to meet all selves

  • Learn to understand the Language of Spirit.

  • Communication with nature and all its medicine

  • Communicating with the other side

  • Develop skills for readings with others

  • Develop your skills for astral projection, telepathic, and remote viewing reading.

  • Develop your channeling abilities

  • Meet your Star Seed Family

  • Destiny retrieval practices

  • Ceremonies; Cacao, Spirit Alchemy, mandala, despacho's and Practices to continue to develop your skills

  • Blessing of your mesa 

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Corrina will be your Guide 

Corrina discovered her gift of communicating with Spirit and Guides at a young age through needing to heal herself. Her spiritual journey has taken her down many paths and she had the opportunity to study with many master teachers and schools such as the Four Winds Society as a Shamanic Therapist and Shaman's in peru and master teaches in Shamanic Medical Qi-gong. She has also studied somatic trauma healing along with many more modalities. Her go to teacher now is her own Spirit and guides, that provides her with profound teachings of healing and ascension. Her mission is to connect everyone to their Spirit for guidance.  Corrina is mesa carrier, carrying forward wisdom from my spirit as medicine for others.

This course will be a combination of weekly live meetings, along with every other Saturday practices, and recorded videos. All class will be recorded.  Corrina prefers to teach in small groups, so each class will be a group of six so she can fully give her attention to assist you in developing your medium healing gifts. 

After the course you will be able to hold sessions for clients, trust your gifts and a started medicine book from your own Spirit. You will receive a certification of completion.

Your investment for the 6 months course is $3333.00.

I am meeting with everyone to ensure this program is for you, so feel free to book a call with me.

Best Value

Full Payment



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