Clairvoyant|Spirit Guide|Ascension Mentor| Master Shamanic Healer

You will never receive a
love so deep, like your Spirit.
Let me show you how


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You are the Sacred One, the Spirit Guide, go ahead and trust yourself.

In the deep of the night where we think our cries go unheard, they are heard, they are received, by the parts of us that are sacred. Like a lighthouse the signal is received and assistance is on the way from our Spirit. 

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I don't know how Corrina does what she does,  each session it is like she is looking into my soul, and brings all that is in my heart forward. She is compassionate, kind, loving and has helped me connect to my Spirit, and step into a whole new life for myself.

Miracle Medicine



Spirit to Spirit Sessions

I work with women who are awakening to their highest self and their calling, in their life and their soul business.

Corrina is a Clairvoyant, empathic and Seer, she has the ability to see inside your soul and communicate with your Spirit, she is able to read and sense your emotional energy field. She channels Divine messages, and Light language to activate your Higher Self.


She will guide you, bring clarity, and assist you with your soul inquires. I have come to learn that it is our highest self that will rescue, love and support us along our life initiations to ascending to our spiritual self. This is not an energy session .

 Receive guidance from your Spirit during these times.

You will hear your Spirit at first as a whisper, let that get louder. 

I work with women who are self initiating through the process of remembering  their divinity, their soul and spirit I have learned that life serves as a series of initiations to move us into our higher selves. Beloved ones, the dark night of the soul is one of our  greatest initiations to our awakening.

In every moment of darkness and  light you can choose ascension in the here and now.  You can witness your holy integration of human, soul and Spirit here on this earth. This program is a private mentorship with Corrina where you will develop your divine gifts of ClairsSense,s, Intuition, Light Language, and Light Energy.  



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Experience a divine activation and awakening of your higher self. I create a ceremonial space so that you can witness your highest self, in all spaces and time.


In these sessions I will assist your energy to flow in alignment with your being, call upon your light team, and channel what is needed at this time for your highest good.

in this session you will receive divine downloads from your highest self, activations of your gifts, healing to clear the path of ascension for yourself. 


Receive a video of my findings along with a PDF customized ceremony just for you to continue your ascension connection with your Spirit, your Light Team and unlocking of your own Divine gifts. 

Ascension Energy Sessions

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I have come to listen to my own Spirit Whispers.

In our separation from our self we can learn that it serves as an INITIATION to discovering more of who we are, and takes us to a place beyond healing, but reveiling the Vision of our Divine Quantum Self. 


Run to yourself dear one, not away from yourself. You are the guide, the creator, tune in to that whisper.