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Corrina Choe is the founder of  Nourishing the Spirit  and a Spiritual Clairvoyant, Master Shamanic Practitioner and the creator of Shamanic Trance-Formation and is certified as a  Master Shamanic Energy Medicine, Ayurveda-Yoga Practitioner,  Shamanic Chinese Medical Qi-Gong Practitioner, Breath and Meditation Practitioner, Reiki Master, Cacao Ceremonialist, Ancestor Mesa, Andean Medicine Women teachings and Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 2000 hours of study and teaching.  Corrina brings her unique medicine as a Clairvoyant to all of her teachings and offerings.

Corrina always knew from an early age that she love supporting others. Her goal was to study family law but it was not in the cards for her at the time. Corrina wanted to make a change for the people who were dealing with emotional distress and trauma as she herself had no one to turn to. This lead Corrina  to find and study with some of the most prestigious healers and masters all over the world including Shamans from Peru, , Four Winds Society, School of Shamanic Energy Medicine, Sacred  Streams, Applied Shamanism, Journeying, Soul Loss, Masters for Daoism, Neigong, Qigong, Dao Yin, Shen Gong, 

It was Shamanism that provided her with deep healing at every level and liberated her soul and her medicine gifts.

Corrina loves to show others how to awaken their own medicine and magic within themselves. Corrina focuses on total wellness, body, soul, emotions and spirit.  Corrina will also guide you towards your inner wisdom and teach you to trust your intuition. 

Trainings &

Masters of  Energy Medicine - The Four Winds Society
Practitioner Chinese Medical Qi Gong- Empty Mountain
Yoga + Mediation Cert- Jai Wellness Yoga
Kundalini Yoga Cert - Yoga Alliance
Acasma Quantum Energy Practitioner- Sacred Expansion
Integrated Energy, Chakra Balancing, Transpersonal Counseling, Shamanic Cacao Ceremony, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Ayurveda Consulting, Ayurveda body therapies, Raindrop therapies- Certifications

Applied Shamanism, Advanced Journeying, Power Retrieval and Soul Loss. Shamanic Hypnosis in the works


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