Everyone needs support, guidance and nourishment when dealing with emotional distress.  Life can be tough at times while dealing with heartaches, anxiety, stress overload, making difficult decisions, grief, physical illness and figuring out who we really are and our bigger purpose. 

Life can also be amazing and we have so much to offer our self once we step into our true selves.

Personal ceremonies are powerful experiences that can guide you in actualizing your dreams, finding your purpose and gifts, and transformation on your journey.  These ceremonies honor times of transitions in your life and provide support in times of growth, loss, celebration and much more.

Give your self the time to heal, to awaken, to transform by experiencing a wellbeing ceremony

Step into a sacred sanctuary for 3 hours to replenish yourself, awaken new sacred insight locked within you, connect to your Spirit and receive the answers to your silent request of assistance, support, love and healing. 


Experience a holy healing from Spirit and ancestors as we journey beyond this world, feel your body soften as it receives new vibrational patterns to override the old.

Leave feeling rebirthed again to the person you were always meant to be with confidence knowing you are supported.

Your private Ceremony will start with an energy consultation
You will be guided into a deep trance like state where you body can fully rest
As you listen to the sound therapy your inner energy system will start to release all tension
A fusion of healing and wellness tools can include
Smoke and flower essences 

Moving internal energy channels
Guided Medicine Visions with Breathwork to go beyond the human
Ceremonial Herbs on and off the body

These ceremonies cause transformation that will continue to keep giving long after you sessions.
Soon recorded ceremonies will be coming that you can purchase to accompany your treatments
or just to on-demand as you need.




Corrina creates Ceremonies for a unique experience

I fell in love with ceremonies as part of  my Shamanic Initiation training, I wanted to learn every ceremony across all cultures. Something woke up inside me it stirred up a soul experience and healing like known other than I had before. I learned traditional ceremonies from Daoism, Shamanism and Buddhist traditions, but I also use my Medium skills to create ceremonies based on what the soul is calling for.  I use flower essence, smoke, sound, herbal fires, and flower bano's to create an unique experience for you. Ceremonies have assisted me in my everyday life to grow personally and connect to the earth and the cosmos, to become my own healer and help thousands of others.

Ceremonies have the ability to calm the body and move from the known to the unknown where deep healing, shifting of energy, and awakening happen.
Ceremonies are known for cleansing emotional and thought toxins from the body and upgrading your subtle energy side of yourself.  All wellness starts at the energy part of yourself.

Ceremony's are beautiful experiences to give to yourself and others
Your Private Ceremony 

Customized as well Cacao, Cleansing, Energy Upgrades, Emotional Enlightenment,

Wellness and Soul support