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Personal ceremonies are powerful experiences that can guide you in actualizing your dreams, finding your purpose and gifts, and transformation on your journey.  These ceremonies honor times of transitions in your life from trauma, loss of someone, anxiety and provide support in times of growth, loss, celebration and much more.  The more we engage personal ceremony the more we become the ceremony.




Corrina creates Ceremonies for a unique experiences

I fell in love with ceremonies as part of  my Shamanic Initiation training, I wanted to learn every ceremony across all cultures. Something woke up inside me it stirred up a soul experience and healing like known other than I had before. I learned traditional ceremonies from Daoism, Shamanism and Buddhist traditions, but I also use my Medium skills to create ceremonies based on what the soul is calling for.  I use flower essence, smoke, sound, herbal fires, and flower bano's to create an unique experience for you. Ceremonies have assisted me in my everyday life to grow personally and connect to the earth and the cosmos, to become my own healer and help thousands of others.

In your session we will be using practices of somatic body release, quantum energy healing and Shamanic Soul Retrieval to name a few techniques

Ceremony's are beautiful experiences to give to yourself and others


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