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In this Ceremony sacred space,  I will remind  you of  your interconnectedness with all of creation. You  will recognize yourself as a vessel through which divine energies manifest, and you embrace your role as conduits for healing, transformation, and growth.

These ceremonies act as conduits, channeling ancient wisdom and universal energies for healing and transformation. Through ritual and intention, barriers dissolve, allowing healing energies to flow freely, unencumbered by the constraints of time and space.

Candles & Plants
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We are all healers, therefore you are the custodians of divine light, the vessels through which love flows and miracles manifest.

In the gentle embrace of sacred ceremony, an invitation awaits you—a beckoning call to journey inward, to rediscover the profound wellspring of wisdom and healing that resides within your soul. It is a journey of self-trust, of unlocking the sacred gifts that lie dormant within you, and of stepping into your divine purpose with courage and grace.

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Every Ceremony is Customized just for you along with your Spirit and Guides,

all created within this sacred container. Ceremonies such as taking back your power, soul discovery, healing, blessings, clearing, spiritual growth, endings and beginnings.  Each ceremony act as a imitation to move forward in your life.

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Embark on Your Sacred Path

As we embark on this sacred journey, our initial session is an opportunity for deep introspection. Together, we'll delve into the whispers of your heart, uncovering any struggles, releasing blocks, and gaining clarity to align with your personal, spiritual and business growth. Corrina will provide insight as she connects to your sprit. Corrina will share new multi realities that await you.

In our sacred space, vulnerability is welcomed, and authenticity prevails. We listen intently to your truths, gently peeling back layers to reveal your inner light. With compassion, we explore challenges as catalysts for growth, seeking clarity to illuminate your path forward. 


Corrina will begin the energy work in this session, to repair and illuminate your auric field to ensure a better expereince.

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Spirit Guide Encounter: Second Session

In our next sacred meeting, Corrina leads you on a channeled psychic journey to connect with your spirit and guides.

Surrender to the unseen whispers as Corrina guides you through realms of light and shadow and other realities of yourself.  .

Prepare for a profound encounter—an intimate communion with spirit, a tailored ceremony, and a healing ritual to ignite your soul's journey.  

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Integrate the medicine

In our third session, we will discuss and be in  ceremony to take into your daily life as shown by your spirit and guides. The more you embody the medicine the more you shift your energy and awaken to new sacred expansions.  You will learn to meet with your guides daily in ceremony and listen to their guidance.  

Corrina will help you prepare your space for the very special ceremony to weave into daily life for the next couple of weeks.

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Trance Ceremony is 3 x 1 hour sessions held privately with me virtually.  It is my experience that three sessions allow you to integrate all the medicine fully, allow you to form new spirit guide allies, and shapeshift your energy to be in full alignment with the new vibrations from your spirit guides.

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