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Spirit & Soul Expansion


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To a embodied path of healing, deep connection with your Spirit Self and Divining  your Spirit Medicine

 Corrina is a Diviner for your Soul, a bridge between the everyday world and Spirit world. 

 Corrina is able to look at someone and know who they really are. Corrina can see past the acquired personality and straight into the soul of someone. She understands where the fears are, where the suffering is, and also the desires and dreams. She sees where they must focus their energy for growth and healing. Corrina can see the beauty that lies beyond the personality.


 She also sees other Lightworkers gifts and assist them to  have the courage to decode their Language of Spirit (ClairSenses),providing them with the ability to self source healing, channel wisdom, and receive transmissions to upgrade their human self. 


She combines her Clairvoyant gifts, Shamanism, neuroscience  to shift your vibrations, heal trauma, empower you to become your own Spirit guide and surrender to the higher self.


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For over 11 years, I have been developing and growing a connection to my spirit and guides and I am so grateful to be a bridge between worlds for so many of you. But it is also part of my mission to guide you how to do this for yourself! I often tell my clients and Lightworkers that no one is closer to your Spirit and Guides than you. Your are connected all the time, and will always be, you just have to develop and practice threw your ClairSenses (Divine gifts) which are the Language of our Spirit.

 I am happy to share the tools for healing through Ceremony, Ritual, Spirited Readings, channeling and practices that I have learned from spirit and the ancient teachings such as Shamanism and modern studies of Quantum Energy to help you continue that connection, become your own Spirit Guide and feel empowered.

Here is how we can work together  

Miracle Medicine



In these illumination sessions I invite your spirit, guides and other souls that want to come forward to share messages with you. Come prepared with questions you may have during our session. I receive visions from Spirit  in a form of healing, guidance, insight.   The reading will bring forward your gifts, re-align you to your purpose, a transcendent plan of your higher states of being and healing.


 During this time together we can discuss your soul purpose, what is blocking it, your Clairsenses gifts, and a peak of what is going on with your energy state.. low or high vibe. Where these low vibrations are sitting in your aura field. Where the energy is holding back your illumination of higher self

Zoom session are available as well

as audio only.




Step beyond time and the 3D world and explore a world of wonder, manifestions and energy.

Do you know that we all have the ability to tap into our intuition and connect with Spirit? Have you felt guided to advance your own spiritual gifts/medicine/Clairsenses? Are you wanting to share your gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairsentient with others? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then lets get started together.

Discover and develop your language of spirit

(your intuition, Clairsenses). Learn to connect with Spirit receive guidance, translate the messages for yourself and others. Come into alignment with your magic and release your unique medicine to the world. Are you ready to discover your multidimensional skills of channeling, remote viewing, access universal wisdom, downloading healing and so much more.




Shamanic Therapy is a powerful way of healing, awakening, and expanding your human self. Every therapy starts in ceremony sitting together as  I receive what is needed for your transcendence, healing and connecting you to your Spirit. My mission is to connect you back to your Spirit. Every session provides deep nourishment so that you may integrate higher aspects of yourself, and activate the dormant powerful energies so that you can self source what you need. Shamanic Therapy is a combination of ancient and modern energy science and is aimed at healing emotional disharmony, trauma, soul recovery, and awakening your Spirit as your guide on your journey.


The 7 Sacred Directions of Transcendence

Training + Apprenticeship Programs

Dive into the unseen magical  parts of   you and be guided by  your Spirit 

Contact Corrina today and discover the medicine and magic in you waiting to be liberated.