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Corrina Choe, Clairvoyant Spirit Guide Mentor

 Shamanic Trance - Formation Practitioner, Teacher


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You are the Sacred One,

the Spirit Guide, go ahead and trust yourself.

Truth: In the deep of the night where we think our cries go unheard, they are heard, they are received, by the parts of us that are sacred. Like a lighthouse the signal is received, and assistance is on the way from our Spirit. It is your light that will guide you on the greatest journey of life. 

I don't know how Corrina does what she does,  each session it is like she is looking into my soul, and brings all that is in my heart forward. She is compassionate, kind, loving and has helped me connect to my Spirit, and step into a whole new life for myself.

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I know sometimes it is hard to find the words to say how you feel, with me no words are needed. I am able to feel how you feel,and see your beautiful Spirit shining bright.

I hear your unspoken words,and understand how you truly feel.

An hour session that will change the rest of your life. This is a space were all of you is seen, soul and spirit. I work with Spirit to understand what is needed for you, and share messages from your Spirit.


 This is a direct line to your Spirit, guiding you in the here and now.


Connect directly to your own wisdom. Shift your consciousness  beyond the everyday busy mind. Tune into your highest self and your Spirit guides to receive guidance, energetic spirit guide healing, support on your spiritual path of awakening your Spiritual Senses. Experience journeying to other realms to communicate with your  Spirit Guides and shift your current reality.



For highly sensitive souls customized for your emotional wellness. I understand how it feels to be lost in so much pain not sure if you will ever just be happy and whole.  I am here to tell you, that you can heal the hurt, that you no longer have to hide it away. What you are feeling is real for you, and I am here to guide you out of the darkness, the pain and show you your beautiful being. I know because I am a sensitive soul and have been through the darkness many times and healed my heart many times.

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I have come to listen to my own Spirit Whispers.

In our separation from our self we can learn that it serves as an INITIATION to discovering more of who we are, and takes us to a place beyond healing, but reveiling the Vision of our Divine Quantum Self. 


Run to yourself dear one, not away from yourself. You are the guide, the creator, the ultimate Spirit Guide, tune in to that whisper.

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