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In this Ceremony sacred space,  I will remind  you of  your interconnectedness with all of creation. You  will recognize yourself as a vessel through which divine energies manifest, and you embrace your role as conduits for healing, transformation, and growth.

These ceremonies act as conduits, channeling ancient wisdom and universal energies for healing and transformation. Through ritual and intention, barriers dissolve, allowing healing energies to flow freely, unencumbered by the constraints of time and space.

Candles & Plants
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We are all healers, therefore you are the custodians of divine light, the vessels through which love flows and miracles manifest.

In the gentle embrace of sacred ceremony, an invitation awaits you—a beckoning call to journey inward, to rediscover the profound wellspring of wisdom and healing that resides within your soul. It is a journey of self-trust, of unlocking the sacred gifts that lie dormant within you, and of stepping into your divine purpose with courage and grace.

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Every Ceremony is Customized just for you along with your Spirit and Guides,

all created within this sacred container. Ceremonies such as taking back your power, soul discovery, healing, blessings, clearing, spiritual growth, endings and beginnings.  Each ceremony act as a imitation to move forward in your life.  Corrina has studied Ceremonies from different spiritual lineages and across cultures. Ceremony is a truly a multi-sensory powerful experience for everyday needs, and spiritual growth. 

I would be honored to spend this time with you.

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A Multi-Sensory Experience to Nourish your Soul

This private ceremony brings forth the purest aspects of your highest self and aligns you with your soul's purpose in this world. It will cleanse your energetic systems and strengthen your connection to Spirit when you feel stuck. It will open gateways to new creativity within you and provide nourishment, just as you do for your clients. Corrina does a spirit to spirit reading and customizes the ceremony that will empower you, and align to what your are needing at this time.

This Private Ceremony Includes:

A Spirit to Spirit Reading

Plant Medicine Smoke Bath, based on five plants and herbs best suited for you at this time.

A Shamanic Trance Journey

Energetic Nourishment

A Sound Bath

This 90-minute session will leave you feeling at peace, aligned, and nourished, ready to continue your work in the world with renewed energy.

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A Shamanic Ancient tradition of blessings, awakenings and prayer with sacred herbs chosen and offered on your behalf. 

This will assist you with

Opening up more to your ClairSenses your intuition, and natural fits.

Allow you to move even deeper along your spiritual journey

Going through spiritual growth such as dark night of the soul

Bring Clarity to the next level our your soulful work.

or if you would just like for life to fall in place magically for you.


You will benefit by clearing old karmic patterns, protecting your physical and spiritual bodies, establishing connections with your ancestors and spirit guides.


We infuse our intentions and blessings into sacred herbs, allowing the sacred smoke to carry our prayers to the spirit guides and the four directions for support. As the smoke rises, we feel the presence of our spirit guides, ancestors. Corrina will guide you into a beautiful state of relaxation with  chanting of light language infused with divine codes. While you remain relaxed in a light trance she will create the despacho (sacred prayer bundle) and work with the Spirit Guides and Divine energy to infuse the flower bundle with blessings on your behalf and will offer to the earth on your behalf.

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Limpa( Flower Cleansing)+ Divination

In this sacred ceremony, we will deepen your most powerful ClairSense, rekindling a profound connection with your Spirit. As you transition from ordinary consciousness to the spirit realm, your destiny unfolds: to meet and embrace your true Spirit Self.

You will begin to live each day from this sacred space of spirit, infusing your work with a profound healing energy that emanates from your deepest wisdom. This transformative connection will empower you to bring unparalleled healing to your clients, guiding them with the light of your Spirit.

We begin by sipping cacao medicine infused with rose and blue lotus and sitting in complete silence to deepen your relationship with yourself. Corrina will read your energy body, scanning for resistance in your field and working to clear it, so your ClairSense becomes stronger.

This Sacred Ceremony includes:

  • Cacao Medicine

  • Divination with Spirit

  • Shamanic Light Trance

  • Special herbs for a smoke bath

  • Plant medicine spritz showering you

  • Vibrational Re-Alignment

  • Sound and Drumming Bath

This 90-minute session will bring you back home to yourself and your mystical gifts, ready to share them with the world.

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 Ceremonies are held privately with me virtually to support you in your spiritual work and service to others. Through these ceremonies, you will reach new stages of enlightenment on your earthly journey. Half of the work of service to others is the service to ourselves to reach our fullest Spiritual potential.

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