Engage in a powerful energy therapy that heals at every level, addressing all of you, physical, soul and spirit. These healing sessions address trauma, anxiety, and those who are highly sensitive. Each session is customized to your needs to assist you in feeling empowered, safe and to release the past behind, so you can feel whole, happier than ever and full of joy. 


Shamanic Energy Therapy

Every session will be customized to your needs at the time. In these sessions you do not have to use words as Corrina is able to read what is going on for you through your energy.  For our first session together all you have to do is lay back and relax, while Corrina takes a body scan of your energy field, to find out what is causing the suffering and the hurt in your heart.  She will then proceed to put a plan together with you to start the healing work with you.

Corrina recommends at least five sessions in order for healing to start its effect, even though each session you will feel better, more empowered, and start to be guided by your own voice.


In our time together we will engage in generational healing, energy body illumination, relationship cord cutting, energy extraction.  Each session will assist with trauma, anxiety and highly sensitive symptoms. 

Being a Clairvoyant Healer, I will have the insight to what is needed to assist you on your healing journey so you can get back to creating a live you love

Price:  for each session $225.00 or 5 sessions for $1000.00