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Soul and Power Retrieval Energy Sessions  is for healing and spiritual growth allowing you to lead life from your Spirit and not your programmed ego. Corrina has the ability to access the programs, patterns, and unhealed wounds that have been holding you back, and keeping you stuck in suffering. Once Corrina accesses and brings it to the surface this Clairvoyant Seer, works with her guides and yours to weave in new vibrational frequencies, light language codes of your highest self and Spirit. She will then activate your Divine frequencies into your energy field, and centers shifting your consciousness into new realties that will continue to work after your session.  Sessions can be done virtually allowing you to be in your own space. 



Every session will be customized to your needs at the time. In these sessions you do not have to use words as Corrina is able to read what is going on for you through your energy.  

This is a holistic approach of healing from soul trauma and loss.  Corrina has discovered this approach from her own journey of healing and through many clients sessions she has seen incredible results.

Corrina is a Clairvoyant  Medium, Shamanic Counsellor and energy Therapist, she will call upon her many healing modules, infused with her roots of Shamanic Healing.

General outline of what to expect in our soul therapy sessions. Spirit leads the way in each session.

Welcome Beloved Soul

I am so glad you found you way here. If you are here believe that your soul and spirit guided you. It also means you are ready and committed to healing, awakening and knowing yourself at much deeper level.  Congratulations.

Corrina was able to heal parts of me that |I thought would never happen in this lifetime. She is so connected to Divine, Source and her Spirit Guides

I am committed to your healing and awakening, I have been there myself.

First session can be booked as a single session, then the program booking for five sessions after that is available

  • Next Level Spiritual Awakening

    1 hr

    275 Canadian dollars
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