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Engage in a powerful energy therapy that heals at every level, addressing all of you, physical, soul and spirit. These healing sessions address trauma, anxiety, abuse, karma, generational, blockages and those who are highly sensitive. Each session is customized to your needs to assist you in feeling empowered, safe and to release the past behind, so you can feel whole, happier than ever and full of joy. 


Holistic Energy Therapy

Every session will be customized to your needs at the time. In these sessions you do not have to use words as Corrina is able to read what is going on for you through your energy.  

This is a holistic approach of healing from trauma, anxiety, stress abuse and karma.  Corrina has discovered this approach from her own journey of healing and through many clients sessions she has seen incredible results.

Corrina is a Clairvoyant  Medium and Energy Therapist, she will call upon her many healing modules, infused with her roots of Shamanic Healing.