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 teens adults and couples

Shamanic Energy Therapy incorporates ancient practices to bring healing, inner discovery, spiritual awakening and much more. Corrina is a gift Shamanic Clairvoyant Medium who has witnessed profound results for her clients. Her clients report a sense of balance, new perception and calmness after the session. Through tuning into your energetic field Corrina can gently guide you to a relaxed state so that the healing can begin on a deeper level. As Corrina works with your energy field guided by her guides, you will experience sensations of tingling, hot and cold, and energy running through your body. You may also witness visions appearing to you, along with a deep sense of peace.

Lets begin your journey


What is Shamanic Trance Formation Healing

It is an energetic approach  working with Shamanism in a hypnotic trance  state to reprogram deep subconscious beliefs that hold you back from experiencing your full potential, connection from your soul and spirit, and your spark of light.  These sessions heal at the deepest level and empower you through difficult times. You will learn to resolve internal conflicts within you, between your mind and spirit.

Corrina incorporates her ability to read energy, and receive messages from your spirit, along with energy work, deep meditation, sound therapy and trance journey work.


What to expect

You will be guided into a deep state of relaxation through drumming, rattling, and Corrina's voice.  You will be met with your own wisdom showing up as a guide for you during the trance journey state. Here you will seek guidance, energy healing and insight.  As you return you feel relaxed, but different, aspects of you will be healed that has be there for a long time waiting for attention. You will move differently in the world now and become more at peace, happy and joyful.


These Sessions include

Restoring your power,  retrieving parts of your soul due to hurt from trauma which I call soul loss, empowered journeys, meeting your Spirit Self who is is really your healer. You will gain a sense of well being at a deeper level, your suffering will be turned into beautiful medicine that helps you instead of hurting you. Give yourself this gift of your Spirit.


What it can address

  •  Trauma; physical or emotional.

  • Heal the feeling of being disconnected from your body.

  • Anxiety, depression

  • Heartache, Self worth,

  • Grieving

  • Spiritual Emergence

  • Inner Conflict

  •  Sexual abuse

Healing Techniques

  • Shamanic Energy Medicine

  • Light Trance State

  • Sound Therapy

  • Clairvoyance

  • Energetic Auric Repair

  • Energetic Imprint Removal

  • Breathing

  • Shamanic Trance Journeying

Preparing for your Session

Find a quiet space where you will be comfortable and lay down. Bring water and a eye mask and earphones.  Come with an open mind and just relax.  Smudging your space with sweetgrass and sage brings in a beautiful calm peace to your space.

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