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Soul Sanctuary

The Path to Love & Harmony

Experience live though the lens of love by removing the filter of fear. 

In my experience there are two ways to live life either in fear or LOVE..

Love is a state of being and vibrating at the highest, purest Soul frequency.  It is a state of being healed, having clarity, synchronicity with the  Universe, Divine, and your Soul. When you are seeing through the Lens of Love everything changes, your relationships with your children, family, work and yourself.

Healing, miracles, changes, happiness, harmony, joy, pure love, intuition, bliss, wellness, health are all symptom's of what you will experience in 

Soul Sanctuary. Learn & Remember how to align your Soul by seeing through the lens of love.


Book your 30 minute Discovery Call for the Soul Sanctuary .


Welcome to Soul Sanctuary

If you are struggling with who you are and constantly reinventing yourself to fit in and  you feel ready to fully embrace and integrate your soul then Soul Sanctuary is for you.

This 8-week Soul transformational journey will guide you back into your body and your heart where you will learn to commune with your soul and initiate connection.

The initiation will allow you to see who you truly are, raise your vibration, bring your gifts forward so that you can start fully living your highest purpose in full abundance and joy. You will be able to create from a place of wholeness and abundant love.

You will feel a deep inner calmness over flooding with a presence of pure love, your heart will beat faster as your soul absorbs back into your body and every cell.  You will witness your true spiritual self, like being wrapped in a warm blanket of all the universes love.

Calmness, harmony, incredible love, and an all knowing that you are so unique and special. Your own soul wisdom will be downloaded for you to create and birth into the world.

You be intoxicated by sipping in your own soul’s wisdom and presence, you will never want to separate again.

Your human and spiritual self will unite once again, causing you to perceive everything with the inner eyes of love, compassion, wisdom and understanding for yourself and others.

You will never feel alone again as your soul with comfort you, support you, and guide you.

The inner silence is breathtaking, and you will feel overwhelmed with the grace of your soul, wanting to play with you, wanting to express itself within you.


Your higher mind will begin to show you things that the human eyes could never witness, the images and connection to the multi-dimensional world from where you came. Your soul will reveal to you, your path, your gifts, your callings, and guide you here on earth.

What will Soul Sanctuary do for you


Help you to feel truly whole and return to the REAL YOU. Support on your journey while retrieving soul fragments, processing your emotions, feelings and thoughts with the guidance to fully embodying your soul back into your body.


Become healthier by detoxing, the body and brain which will upgrade your energy field for full embodiment of the soul.

Help you to tune into your own illumious energy field, remove toxins and heal your physical body and your emotions.

Allow yourself to become your own healer and help family and clients to do the same.

Become the creator from your soul and start your own ceremonies and embodiment rituals for self-care and growth.


Shed the layers of the intrusive false you and be showered  by your soul essences  awakening you to unlimited love, joy, harmony, wisdom, intuition and self knowledge,

Book your 30 minute Discovery Call for the Soul Sanctuary .


About Corrina Choe

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Corrina guides  parents,  highly sensitive people, healers, and spiritual leaders back to their heart, soul and body to embody their highest purpose while enjoying their live to the fullest.

Corrina Choe is a mother, author, Soul  Coach , Healer and Wisdom teacher by integrating Eastern Practices with Western Holistic Health and Neuro-science .   She is the founder of The Search Method focused on helping you find your purpose, overcome difficult challenges, and live Soul-Fully by courageously building your inner power, self-awareness and self- love. 


She believes that we all hold our own healing medicine within us.

Corrina curates specialized  soul readings, rejuvenative  experiences, spiritual  cleansing and leads group healing ceremonies to awaken you. She believes that everyone can heal themselves, walk the path they were  meant to in this world, and manifest a life they love.

This is the program that integrates my spiritual experience with the best of shamanic energy medicine, yogic science, breathe work, embodiment rituals, healing ceremonies, journeying, activations and so much more where you experience love, self knowledge, awakening and pure embodiment.

Led by Corrina Choe this on-line program will inspire you with lifetime access to videos, audios,pdf's and a community where you can connect with Corrina weekly

The transformational weekly modules of Soul Sanctuary you will give you clarity and confidence to own your power of who you are, live from your light and soul, and serve others at a deeper level. When you truly embody your soul and know your higher purpose you can serve at a higher level.

Gift yourself 2 to 3 hours a week to dive into these practices and teachings so you can experience this embodiment and self transformation.

corrina drumming.jpg

Included are all the Empowered Soul Tools and Practices

Bring these Soul Medicine Tools and Practices into your life everyday.

The more you workout your Soul Muscle the more you start to live your life through the Lens of Love and less from the Filter of Fear

Tools include Shamanic & Yogic Energy Practices

Soul Self Growth Rituals and Ceremonies

Breathwork, Botanical &Plant Medicine Bath and Tea Recipes

Energy Cleansing  & Balancing Practices

Sound Journeying

Everything everyone needs to heal and grow into themselves again

  • 8 Weekly live group zoom Calls

  • Support in a Private Facebook Group

  • 1 x 60 minutes skype or in person soul discovery session

  • 10 sound healing audio's

  • 10 journeying meditations

  • PDF workbooks

  • 10 video's 

  • and lots of ritual recipes for the bath and healing

We will enter through Soul Sanctuary Doors 



Know that you can accomplish anything you put your heart and soul into. There is a power much stronger than your will that we will be tapping into for the changes you want to happen.

We start with making a soul commitment to yourself.

Our Souls will partner

on this journey together

Restore & Revitalize

Clear away the energy imprints that hide you away from your SOUL.

Leap out of the stories in your inner mind, let go of the confusion of the world. 

Come back to being present, surrender your fears to your Spirit, allow all to be taken off your shoulders.

Feel you Spirit and Soul merging in your body providing you the answers and much needed nourishment you need.


 Blessings & Power

Nourishing life force rushes and  restores the physical body and your energy field.  You will experience a freedom from deeply ingrained habits and patterns.

Consider this a cleanse for the mind, body and soul, freeing you up from build  up toxins of thoughts and emotional imprints that has kept you trapped inside your self.

Feel grounded, clear, and safe to step back into your skin.

Acceptance & Truth

See beyond your suffering and pain and retrieve the wisdom and treasures to move forward.

Lighting the way out of the shadows of your mind and emotions to bring closure to all the  past experiences that were too painful to deal with .

We rebirth by letting go all identities and energy tied to the past and we return to your natural state before all the suffering and pain.

Your Truth will be Revealed & Set you Free


Begin to look through the Lens  of your Love(Soul).

This is where you welcome your Soul back into your body and where everything changes.


Remap your soul blueprint to get back on the path you were meant to live. 

Hear your soul whispers and understand why you have  chosen these experiences in your life, and retrieve the gifts.


It is no accident you are here.

Your Soul and Spirit are connected, and they can start creating and manifesting your highest destiny for yourself.

You will learn how to listen to your own wisdom and walk bravely back on the path towards love & harmony that is uniquely for you.

We travel across timelines to seek your highest destiny for yourself.

Book your 30 minute Discovery Call for the Soul Sanctuary .

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