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The Ancient Wisdom of the

Munay- ki activates our Divine Energy Source, turns our sufferings into gold and gifts to share with the world.  It allows us to see in the darkness of shadows to reclaim the truth and treasures.  Munay -ki is the path of self-discovery and empowerment for the greater good of all souls. It opens the doors for you to step through and reclaim the healer, the wisdom and the teacher you already are. 

Munay-ki is a path lite by the power of the highest light LOVE.   There are 9 Rites plus the womb Rite 

Receive & Activation of the Munay-Ki Rites, each Rite is an initiation of healing, awakening and reclaiming the Sacred Shamaness

Daily embodiment practices to fully integrate the Munay-Ki Rites such as Elemental Dance, Sacred Feminine Dance, Tao Tantra Somatic Movement, Medicine Journeys, Healing Ceremonies, Cleansing & Purification Shamanic practices, Moon & Earth Ceremonies.

Feminine Sacred Arts womb healing and cleansing, life force alchemy, communing  with the stars , elements,planets and universal energies to healing and summoning wisdom.

Trance practices to work in the invisible realms to call forward the light vibration, soul fragments and highest destiny for yourself and others.

Channeling the wisdom for your Spirit, Spirit Guides, Ancestors, and Master Teachers.

Rituals for self care and to  call upon the energies of the earth such as pachamamma renewal, Elemental Rituals, Kundalini Rituals.

Ancient Breath Techniques to use for healing such as the elements, light, zig zag, spirit breathing and much more.

Discover and create your unique medicine, Work with Spirit to receive the energy of your medicine.

Sound, drumming, bowls, mantra, your own sounds

Free your inner mystic|Be your own Healer|Awaken your Medicine|Free your Spirit

Schedule over two weekends Plus Opening Ceremony

April 17th, 18th, 19th & May 2nd, 3rd

Receive your Munay-Ki Certification 

Day one

Inner Child & Ancestors

Group Healing

Ancestor Healing

Limpa and Fire Cleansing Ceremony

Holistic Alchemy Rhythm Dance

Sacred Sound Bath

Connecting to your Nature Parents

Receive Healers Rite

Day 2 

Inner Alchemy

  • Dance and Movement to embody the elements

  • Changing the alchemy in your body

  • Tao Microcosmic Orbit Meditation

  • Pachamama Renewal 

  • Element Despacho Ceremony

  • Receive Bands of Protection & Harmony Rites

Day 3

Honoring our Sacred Feminine Energetics

  •  Sacred Feminine Healing

  • Womb Cleansing by Steaming Plant Medicine

  • Water Ceremony

  • Receive the Womb & Day Keepers Rite

  • Lighting up the Darkness Medicine Journey

Day 4

Elixir of Life

  • Qi-Gong and & Shamanic Movement

  • Taoist and Shamanic Energetic Healing Practices

  • Shamanic & Taoist Breathing Practices

  • Self-Ceremony & Rituals

  • Earth Medicine Making

  • Receive  Seers & Creators Rite


Focus of Training:

The training is for lightworkers, healers and yoga teachers and spiritual seekers who are  looking to deepen there own connection to Divine Source to connect back into receiving your unique teachings, and healings for yourself and others. 

Learn to trust yourself even more when you see or receive the messages  when partnering with Source and bring forward visions to manifest in the here and now.

Learn to help others to transform through ceremony, rituals, rites and Energy  Source Alignment

Our emphasis is on Sacred Self, Empowerment, Healing, Rites, Ceremony, Intuition , Shamanic Energy Medicine and Self Mastery







This training is not about the how to's but the experience and awareness of the medicine that will come to you.

This training is about you accessing your own medicine that lays dormant within you.

My intention is to create a space and door that allows you to access this within yourself.

I will be calling in the Ancient Practices of Shamanic QiGong-Internal Arts, Ceremony, Rituals, Medicine Movement

Various teachings of Energy Medicine. Most importantly I will be calling in your higher self so that you may trust 

yourself through the process and feel empowered.

This is a journey for your Soul & Spirit


Feel the rivers runs through your body

Feel the earth running through your soles of your feet 

The Strength to walk through the fire transforming your suffering into gold

The winds whispers sharing the secrets in your ears of what is to come your destiny




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Giving the Munay-ki rites to another sis
Munay-ki 2nd day today in the _the
Sacred Feminine Ceremony on November 2nd
If you told me 5 years ago I would be st
I feel so blessed, I feel so beyond word
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