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Women's Luminous Program

As women we are deep emotional beings, empathetic, caring, loving and give so much of ourselves, but yet we forget to listen to what our needs are. We are amazing beings and sometimes we lose our way and put our desires, wellness and emotions on the backburner.  This program is all about you, nourishing, supportive, safe, healing and transformational.  My intention for this program grew out of my own need of self discovery, to answer the call in my heart, to liberate myself to become unlimited in my thoughts and be free to express my emotions before they turned into illness.

Women's Luminous Program is a positive discovery of self like you have never known, a feeling of creating wellness, pure presense and expansion that is absent of disconnection, anxiety, worry and separation of oneself.



Often times we are unable to put into words or labels the healing our soul is calling for, but our soul will provide indications that something emotionally is not feeling right.  We will receive signs in every moment in the way we are living our life, we may be have a vision of who we really are, but yet we are living the opposite and not sure how to bring your inner knowing to the healing of the human self.  

 In my personal experience and those who I have worked with I have witness that there is a  BIG SECRET we keep from ourselves, the secret that help us survive  a  difficult experience.  Most of the time we have no idea what that secret is, but it is the secret to your healing and living that vision of your highest self  which liberates you from suffering anymore.

Through  my own liberation, discovery and practice of my own abilities to receive visions from Spirit for healing  and years of study, training, and practice I have been guided to provide healing for all those who come to me. My healing consist of consultations at the emotional and  soul level, repairing  the energetic bodies, and medicine journeys to shift the subconscious energy and release all energy tied to the wounds, allowing you step fully into your Luminous Self. 

Along the way I will teach you how to access this healing within yourself as a practice you can call on.

The teachings and modalities woven together here are: Lightprint Medicine Consultations, Integrated Energy Therapy, Ayurveda Healing Massage Treatments, Shamanic Energy Medicine, Daoist Medical QiGong , LightBody Energy Therapies, Soul Illumination for Trauma,   private soul rejuvenation ceremonies.

Below you will find a variety of sessions you may choose from.  These sessions are customized to your needs as I may merge sessions together for your highest healing of self.  Theses sessions address healing heartaches, dark night of the soul, trauma treatments, soul expansion, relationships, stress overload, soul development, personal growth,.

Feel free to reach out to me to discuss the best option of healing at this time for you.  

My methods to bring balance back to your lightbody, releasing emotional and soul blocks

These sessions are very nurturing while you are supported

During our session I will be taking a scan or your subtle bodies like an x-ray to see where energy blockages, wounds from the past, intrusions, tears, speed of chakra gates and dantian wellness.  All you have to do is relax as I work with your fields.

Once completed I will prescribe the alchemy ceremony that you will continue to work with.  The session will continue to work over the next week.  You will feel subtle energy shifts that make you feel more alive, healthier, happier and liberated. The below is some medicine I may call upon but every session is unique.

Intuitive Healing Methods

Releasing the emotional channels through Chinese Medicine

Alchemy Acupressure Points

Healing Flowering and Smoke Ceremony

Heart(Emotional) Detox Ceremony 

Inner Retreat Work

Ayurveda Essential Oil Wraps

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

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