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Luminous Lightprint is channeled in a deep ceremony working with your your Soul Body  and Spirit. I will receive visions of what your soul is trying to show you. I call upon the highest frequency and light to imprint deep into your Luminous Light Field.  

Luminous Lightprint Session

Receive a 90 minute session, Channeled Ceremony with a  Soul Prescription. In our session I will then prepare to read  your Soul and your subtle bodies, energy bodies and share what is coming up such as visions of past lives, spirit family, emotional wellness, soul retrieval, your medicine, relationships, and what is currently blocking you from receiving your own visions.  I will channel a ceremony for you as well to work with for a couple of weeks to go deeper into your process of transformation.

When our session is over I will be sending you a audio describing your ceremony and Soul prescription for you to work with.

Corrina uses her gift as a medium not to channel the souls that have passed but your soul to assist your path on this earth plan. I use this channeling ability to hear what your soul deeply wants to share with you, all my channeling is form the Divine Light.  

Corrina holds sacred space for you during this process to allow you to receive what you already knew within your heart. When someone books a session with me  even before we meet your soul starts to show up and share with me.   Allow this space to empower you, find the part of you that already knows and come back home to  your highest self.  Corrina will hold a light for you to see your truth and Divine Love within yourself. 

Luminous Lightprints  are being offered digitally which gives Corrina a chance to feel into your home space and offer up a ceremony for your space.  

At the end of our beautiful session a soul prescription will come through in form of Spirit Work for you to continue after our session is energetically over.  In this soul prescription a bespoke of inner alchemy to charge, clear and cleanse your inner alter, a ceremony with flower and herbal formulas, along with setting up your sacred space with the Spirit tools to assist you. I will also ask you to provide an ritual offering to your Spirit Guides and Soul for reaching out energetically for you. 

After our session you will need time to integrate you may feel chilled,  little headache, tired and when that passes you will start to receive insight and ah ha moments and start to feel lighter.  During this time connect to nature, support and nurture yourself through sleeping, herbal teas, writing.  Then congratulate yourself for this transformation that just happened within you.

I look forward to meeting your soul soon. 


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