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Luminous Liberation 

Energy System



 Soul Illumination

Heal & Restore

Women for years have been suffering from soul separation from themselves. As we separate from our soul we loose our ability to consciously create, connect with our Spirit, call upon our wisdom, and loss access to our extrasensory skills.

We will journey together into the quantum field beyond physical mind to  understand why the soul has separated.  We journey together with our conscious mind to reach the subconscious mind and beyond to the Superconscious mind. There I will receive the insight from source and the message. The purpose of this process is for healing and soul connection once again.

There are cases where clients have discovered the root wound from childhood or past lives and how it is has manifested in a protected behaviors such as self sabotaging, illness in the body.  This has lead to life of fear or confusion and closing of the heart to love.

Soul Separation can be painful as you are literally cutting yourself off from yourself. Some soul separation symptoms look like, not being in the body, living someone else's life, seeking answers everywhere with no luck, living more in an inner conflict, and a yearning to know yourself more, and a tiny voice within reaching out to you. Di-ease, anxiety, depression, stressed, unhappy, your visions never come to live.

In this session we will be turning back the hands of time to reset and guide your soul back so that you may come into wholeness within inn so your outer life can reflect the beautiful spark of light you are.

We begin with a

Luminous Lightprint Reading


Spirit Vision is a healing and awakening modality that I received through  my visions.  Spirit Visions was created to empower you, awaken you and support you on your soul  journey.

Unlock your fullest Human-Spirit Potential, activate your own healing, call upon your extrasensory skills to see your highest destiny, discover your own energetic powers to create a life you love.

What has always been my medicine gift is to receive  visions of your total wellness, your souls desires and messages that your Spirit want to share with you.

Clients have experienced insight that has shifted their life by finally knowing the truth of what needed to heal in order to move forward.  I see a huge shift in their consciousness. 

 Usually when I met someone in sessions your soul will start to show visions right away and show what is causing you from manifesting your dreams, what energy is repressing you to see your own truth, access your highest wellness, and cutting your off from your own Spirit technologies.

 Channeled Ceremony Journey's  come through as a form of healing for you to take on and step into your own power to see your way. Each luminous gate way holds old stories, untold dreams, your medicine gifts and your highest potential. 

Are you interested in knowing what energy fields influence you the most?

Do you know what emotions dominate your thoughts and actions and why that is?

Do you know what wisdom inside you is waiting to be unlocked?


Homo Luminous Light body

Human of Light

Co-creating your destiny

This process tends to raise the human energy consciousness level to higher frequency toward the frequency of  your Higher Being. It creates a bridge of uninterrupted flow of the energy within the body, the light body, DNA and chakras.

Home Luminous Light body  enhances our unlimited possibilities and brings us closer to our own ability to heal, to transcend the human mind and source for ourselves.

The person that receives the Home Luminous Light body  will no longer be a slave within the third dimensional world, and instead will have direct access to higher frequency to reprogram the chemical body of emotions and thoughts of the past.  

This process will be a awakening of your whole higher being, and allows space within you to allow Spirit to express itself through your human body.

You are now embarking on your true path as you awaken the Creator-Light within you.  You will now merge with your Spirit, work with Spirit and call upon Spirit to create the world of your dreams.

You will never walk the path alone as you can return to Spirit for guidance, counsel, and nourishment.

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