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Spirit Vision is a healing and awakening modality that I received through  my visions.  Spirit Visions was created to empower you, awaken you and support you on your soul  journey..

What has always been my medicine gift is to receive  visions of your total wellness, your souls desires and messages that your Spirit want to share with you.  Usually when I met someone in sessions your soul will start to show visions rights away and show me what needs to be healed. Channeled Ceremony Journey's  come through as a form of healing for you to take on.

Each luminous gate way holds old stories, untold dreams, your medicine gifts and your highest potential. 

Are you interested in knowing what energy fields influence you the most?

Do you know what Spirit Level you are at?

Do you know what emotions dominate your thoughts and actions and why that is?

Do you know what wisdom inside you is waiting to be unlocked?

Discover what energy is pushing away the very thing you desire to bring in your life.

Do you feel like something is missing even though you have everything?

Do you really know who you are?

Are you always seeking?





INCLUDED lays the truth of what you have been seeking.

It is what you shall do with the knowledge that will set you free.

I recommend that you come with an open heart and mind as well bring your intention to what you would like to focus on. If there is a more pressing need that comes up for you during our time together I will advise you.

Once I receive the Vision for you I will share that with you along with any other insight such as ancestors stepping forward, healing, soul cords that may be affecting certain areas of your life.

Receive a personal report that will include:

  • Your Spiritual Spectrum

  • Which Energy Field is influencing the most and how to work with that energy.

  • What is your dominate Spirit Field

  • .Receive a healing from the Vision

  • Cleansing

  • Spirit Homework 

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