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Miracle Medicine

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As you tune into your body you will start to feel your energy and hear your soul speaking to you. As you learn the secret passage ways through the body you will begin to access your Divine Powers. The Divine Powers lay dormant waiting for you to access them, your higher awareness, your wisdom, your medicine all waits. You can access the healer, the mystic, the magical , the sacred all within your body. When you do you will begin to see the unseen world that holds so much love, communicate with the ancestors, your soul and spirit guides. This is what I call the sweet spot of life.  


Corrina is a Seer & Diviner who works with Spirit to bring messages, clarity, and healing forward from the other worlds. 

She is a ceremonialist and healer helping others "To Tune into their Spirit." 


Receive direct guidance as we journey with Spirit to experience healing, clarity, direction and answers about your Divine purpose. Each private ceremony is customized for you and your current needs.

Ceremony may include medicine movement, sound, healing, support, unfolding, cleansing & blessings.



Enter the realm of ceremony as we delve into the deep commune between the manifested world and the world of spirit. Each ceremony is created to bring balance to life, inner  healing and healing of the World to  restore harmony and right relationship between all things. 



Enter into the Shamanic Healing Arts and learn through a  medicine journey and rites of the Munay-Ki, Sacred Ceremony the ancient Shamanic healing lineage of the Q'ero. Transform your luminous field through the

ancient rites of the Munay-Ki and dream a whole new world into being. 


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