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You were born magical you were made from universal energy, and you have the medicine within you to heal, to awaken and be well.
I offer this Spirit Vision Medicine to help you cleanse through sound, your own internal breathing compass and medicine from pachamama.

May these ancient self-healing ceremonies

 sound healing

Find a quiet spot where you will not be disturbed.  Come back to this sound healing as often as you want.  Each time you listen to this sound healing, your nervous system is calming down, your energy body is cleansing, and you are starting to attract great things in your life.

Allow each beat of the drum to take you deeper and deeper within.  You will begin to experience peace at a very deep level.

Sacred Sound Bath - Corrina Choe
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Illumination cleanse

Listen and follow my voice as I instruct you how to perform an illumination cleanse.  We are cleansing your energy field where all thoughts and emotions reside. When the energy is blocked you cannot access your own wisdom and Spirit.  

You will experience tingling or warmth through your body and afterwards perhaps feeling cold.  This is a sign that your energy around your body is starting to move.  

If this is your first time working with your energy you may feel tired after ensure you rest.

The more you fully show up and put time aside for this practice the deeper the healing and exfoliation of the emotional ties.

Energy Cleanse - Corrina Choe
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Bliss breath

There is a science behind breathing and how it is able to change your state of wellness within 2 minutes.

Today I will share  a couple of yogic breathe that  you can take with you where ever you go.  The breathe is the quickest access to change any state you are in.  It can calm your nerves, soothe you, bring you back to earth and be your saving grace.

Listen as I walk you through two different breathe techniques that you can use anytime anywhere.  These breathe techniques supports cleansing your energy field, moves you out of your head and into your body.

Blissfull Breath - Corrina Choe
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Ritual bath

Experience an emotional release from the daily fears and worries that encumber your world. 

Ritual- Fear Packet Release - Corrina Choe
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Every month receive meditations, energy healing , self care rituals, sound bath, shamanic ceremonial practices along with my favorite plant medicine for the bath and your teas.  Learn to become your own healer through this Spirit Vision practices .

I will be right there to ensure you are tapping into your own wisdom, that you are feeling great and happy.

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