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Discover the transformative power of Shamanic Trance Formation Sessions. Immerse yourself in Shamanic ancient healing practices and unlock the hidden potential within you. Experience profound personal growth and spiritual awakening.


Customized Journeys


Meet your Spirit Guides


Receive Spirit Guidance


Recoding your Auric field


Awaken to your new reality

Begin your Transcendent Journey

You choose the direction where you want to go, upper or lower world.  In these realms, you will meet master guides in the forms of animals, shapes, light beings, ancestors, angels, all there as your specific team of light. Journey with your Spirit Guides in this spiritual adventure which will allow you to connect even deeper and receive support, unlock wisdom, and receive messages waiting to guide you on your path.

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It is an energetic approach  working with Shamanism in a hypnotic trance  state to reprogram deep subconscious beliefs that hold you back from experiencing your full potential, connection from your soul and spirit, and your spark of light.


This healing method is empowering and will awaken parts of you that have been asleep for a while. Through journeying you will meet the parts of you that are supportive, compassionate, healing, powerful and wise.


What makes this sessions so unique and powerful is Corrina's ability to tap into your Spirit and Guides and receive the exact journey that you need to restore your power, heal the deepest of wounds, resolve inner conflicts between the mind and heart, the ego and spirit.

My clients become the creator of their life and align with their Spirit to experience themselves in a whole healed way.

Corrina receives visions from your higher self and brings that into a full embodied experience for you. She combines Shamanic energy practices, deep relaxation and journeying practices to this unique trance formation approach. She will guide you into the depth of yourself to discover all that is there for you and beyond.  She acts as a bridge for you to remember all your wisdom so that your Spirit can step in and become your guide in everyday life.

Drumming and rattling is used to create a light trance-like state in order to allow you to go beyond your conscious mind and enter into the portal of the unseen. This altered state will allow you to access information, wisdom, and healing that may have seemed inaccessible.  As your spirit emerges, it will be the conduit for your healing and spiritual advancement.

My role is to guide you into the unseen  spiritual realms and powers, help you access wisdom, gain clarity, and integrate your journeys. You will not only gain deeper access to your wisdom, but relationships, soul healing and inquires, spirit guides, aligning to your purpose, business decisions, overcoming internal conflicts, and healing from trauma, calling back your power.

What you can expect:

You will be guided  by Corrina, as you lay down into a light trance state of  deep relaxation allowing your consciousness to be at ease, as we call upon your spirit guides, allowing the messages and the experiences to unfold naturally. As you maintain a beautiful state of allowing, and trusting yourself, you will enter the spiritual realm. You may encounter aspects of yourself that require healing or seek greater understanding, wisdom and guidance. 

Corrina will take you on a full embodied experience where you will feel energy move within your body, sense your guides all around you, feel a presence of deep peace and support surrounding you.

These sessions are for everyone, teens, healers, energy workers, spiritual leaders and individuals. I have seen huge transformation within five sessions, where you will feel empowered and more at peace. These sessions include but not limited to restoring your power, soul retrieval, soul loss, spiritual regression, past live journeys, and in between lives and alignment to your Spirit, understanding your soul purpose, activating your spiritual clairvoyant senses. These session go beyond healing the human suffering, and allows you to truly know who you are.

Single Session for First time only: I share the process of journeying to assist you with your healing, inquires, and needs.

Program commitment to yourself: Consist of five session after your first session.



The Transformational journey was so magical, I had no idea where it was going, but I allowed myself to be in a deep awareness. Corrina knew exactly what to say when I felt I was not allowing myself to go deeper, she made me feel safe.  I went into a deep space and accessed a part of me that needed healing and access my Spirit Self that was doing the healing.  I know for sure this would of taken me years if not lifetimes to heal.  After the journey so many new perceptions came up that I could see clearly without the trauma being there.  I can say this truly changed my life. If you are thinking about this journey, think no more, my body release trauma, my heart filled with love, and one of gifts opened fully. 

Maggie M, Lightworker


Remembering who youareCorrina Choe
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