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Open your Divine Energy Channels within

Envision being aligned to your soul purpose, awakening your spiritual gifts, connecting with your own Spirit for Guidance your aspirations materializing into reality. You possess the capability to discern whether a particular path aligns with your true self before committing to any life circumstance. Despite having the power to influence our own energy frequency, many individuals lack awareness of this ability or fail to cultivate it, resulting in a significant amount of time being misdirected away from our authentic selves, innate abilities, and potential. Time is a resource that cannot be conserved; it can only be utilized wisely. What aspirations do you harbor for your life?


Understand the essence of your Spirit's frequency. Identify any discrepancies between your current state and alignment with your higher self.  Receive messages and guidance from your Spirit, and Guides


Embark on a guided trance journey to meet with your Spirit and Spirit guide in ceremony as they celebrate your gifts and medicine, your bravery for stepping into this path.

Open the Energy Channels in your body to support you in healing, and aligning you with your purpose, your medicine  gifts,  or personal goals, spiritual growth.


Jin Shin


This offering encompasses a Clairvoyant Reading, Guided Trance Journey to connect with your Spirit Guides and the divine energy that comes through their compassion for humanity. Corrina is then shown what Jin Shin divine energy patterns to apply. 

 As these divine energy patterns are applied it will release stagnant energy within your field and body to enhance personal and spiritual development in alignment with your current situation or inquiry.


Regardless of where you are on your personal or spiritual path, these sessions are designed to assist you in realigning your vibration to its authentic state and harmonizing it with the frequency of your ultimate destiny. These sessions heal at the body, mind, emotional and soul.

What you can expect:

Under the guidance of Corrina, you will be led to a profound state of relaxation, a realm between wakefulness and sleep where the essence of the soul, spirit, and energy dwells. 

Corrina will take you on a full embodied experience where you will feel energy move within your body, sense your guides all around you, feel a presence of deep peace and support surrounding you while retuning to your highest vibrational essences.

These sessions address all personal and spiritual situations. These sessions are for teens, adults, healers, lightworkers.

These sessions call to those who are looking to align to their highest vibrations so that you can bring forward your hearts desire, your work in the world, improve your personal relationships, heal trauma, and awaken your divine gifts.

In these sessions we will working with energies of interference, soul trauma, and past lives so you can embody your highest divine vibration . 

Leave this session feeling expanded, awakened new consciousness, and completely connected to your higher self.



The Transformational journey was so magical, I had no idea where it was going, but I allowed myself to be in a deep awareness. Corrina knew exactly what to say when I felt I was not allowing myself to go deeper, she made me feel safe.  I went into a deep space and accessed a part of me that needed healing and access my Spirit Self that was doing the healing.  I know for sure this would of taken me years if not lifetimes to heal.  After the journey so many new perceptions came up that I could see clearly without the trauma being there.  I can say this truly changed my life. If you are thinking about this journey, think no more, my body release trauma, my heart filled with love, and one of gifts opened fully. 

Maggie M, Lightworker


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