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Shamanic Body Therapies

A combination of holistic healing from Shamanic practices, from Daoist, Chinese and Indigenous healing methods.  These body therapies are targeted at healing emotional scars that are trapped in the body and have manifested into physical pain, and stuck energy within your body, cells, chakra, and meridian points.  These sessions include vibrational sound, essential oils, botanical wraps and sacred smoke smudging

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Shamanic Vibrational Raindrop Therapy

This is a holistic approach to release emotional toxins that has built up as tension throughout your body. Corrina prepares a blend of plants medicine and oils that will be used along your spine with a hands on approach. You will be wrapped in heavenly smells of plant medicine smoke, and oils for deep release of stress stuck in the body.  Warm towels will be prepared to lay upon your spine, for complete integration.

In this experience you will drift in and out of deep states of relaxation, while Corrina gently guides your body back to state of lightness.

 Corrina will also use turning forks as vibrational medicine as your very own personal sound bath to move the energy within to further release emotional tension.  Clients may experience emotions arising which is a form of cleansing, and is perfectly normal.  

Ceremonial Bodywork for woman
A space for deep rest and rejuvenation

Through Ceremonial Bodywork, ritual and attunement to the subtle layers of self, you drop deeply, de-armoring the heart, calming the body and restoring a sense of peace and and total relaxation.

Corrina weaves together Shamanic cleansing rituals to clear the mind, and soft touch, along with energy work where the body is calling with warming oils, starting with the head a special blend is created for your needs. Moving from the throat, to womb and heart area for unwinding trapped emotions held in the body.  A gentle touch, warm oils and cleansing smoke is part of this experience.  Tending to hundreds of women to invite them into slowness, and safety to come back to themselves from a world that does not give you a rest and break that you need has been a blessing.

I invite you into this space for your self only, to nurture and allow yourself to receive all that you deserve.

This session has been know to help with fertility issues, anxiety, depression, inner conflict, help you get unstuck, release blocked emotions in your throat, heal heartaches and overwhelm and stress.

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 Ayurveda Ritual Head Massage
 Drop into a deep state of bliss

This beautiful ancient therapy relieves stress, anxiety, headaches, and tension in the shoulders and neck.  Warm oils are prepared to soothe your mind into deep relaxation, while beautiful aromas bring you into a dream state like you are floating.

Oils will be combined based on your needs, and used to massage your head, face and upper body, freeing inner tension, and allowing yourself to move into a light trance state, where deep relaxation takes places.   Warm towels will deepen your state of peace. Will you are integrating and resting, Corrina includes a sound bath to balance out your auric field energy. After this session, you will feel amazing and notice shifts in your mood and energy bringing more wellness.

This is a beautiful session to experience and you will need 1.5 hours in total

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