Shamanic Nourishing Ceremony

Works on a subtle level where profound changes take place on the emotional, soul and spiritual level. Give yourself the space to unwind and lay down all that you have been carrying over lifetimes. Release, relax, soften, in this nourishing ceremony experience.


As you step into the South Direction of the Medicine Wheel, your healing initiation starts with nourishing and restoring calm and peace back into your body.


Shamanic Nourishing Ceremony

If you are feeling stuck in life and not sure which direction to go, feeling tired all the time, unable to get a clear answers to the questions you have about your life, dealing with anxiety, and too much stress then a Shamanic Nourishing Ceremony session will help.

South Direction

These clearings will start  to  turn down fight and flight and move into a state of peace and relaxation. Your stress and anxiety will be given a space to dissolve  away.

The energy clearings work at the highest vibration for your good.  As a Shamanic Medicine Medium I will be able to see what is needed, where your energy is stuck in your body and get it flowing again


The way it works:  You lay back and relax as I begin an energy scan of your field.  I touch on certain acupressure points to release stress in the body. I use my Clairvoyance to work energetically to heal on the cellular level.  The session will take a least an1.5 hours be done remotely or in person.

The clearings can include the following:

Plant and smoke smudging

Raindrop Oil Session to move you into longer states of peace

Tea Ceremony to start

Meridian Massage

Shamanic Energy Work

Shamanic Medicine Journey

Transmission and attunement to your own heart

Price:  $200.00