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Shamanic Body Therapies

A combination of holistic healing from Shamanic practices, from Daoist, Chinese and Indigenous healing methods.  These body therapies are targeted at healing emotional scars that are trapped in the body and have manifested into physical pain, and stuck energy within your body, cells, chakra, and meridian points.  These sessions include vibrational sound, essential oils, botanical wraps and sacred smoke smudging

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Shamanic Vibrational Raindrop Therapy

This is a holistic approach to healing trauma through body therapy, no need to talk  in this session, your body will guide and I will work to release the past. All you have to do is relax in a safe space and allow.

 In this session Corrina will use turning forks as vibrational medicine to move the energy within, meridian massage, and a raindrop therapy aimed at releasing emotional tension.  Clients may experience emotions arising which is a form of cleansing, and is perfectly normal.  

Shamanic Somatic Therapy

This is a holistic therapy to go deeper into healing emotional discomfort within.  Corrina will guide you into breathwork, and gentle movement and will release tension held within the body.  This session feels like an unwinding, releasing, and soften to liberate your body from the past.

This is an interactive session where we work together to bring you back in balance within the 1.5 hours we have together.  I called this a guided medicine journey of healing, where you will feel empowered to do this on your own as well.

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