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Listen to your Spirit in

Spirit Sessions

Connect to your Spirit
Receive guidance from your Spirit
Experience a frequency shift

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 Illumination Spirit Session

A reunion with your Spirit, a re-awakening to the Highest potential for your life. Corrina will translate the messages that your Spirit has been longing to share with you. 

Choose to just connect in one session


or , 

Go from connect to Awaken in for 4 sessions. The first session will be added if you choose to awaken 


Many of us have abandoned ourselves. We have created veils of protection. We've forgotton who we are.



Beyond the body, the mind, and  thoughts there your Spirit waits to guide you with wisdom, teachings, and healings.



Most of us only live in the  shadows of our souls calling even though our spirit beckons us to come.



In one moment of awakening, your entire world can change. This is when you are becoming more light. 




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Where you never had to walk in the shadows of your soul

iInstead you feel liberated and clear about the direction of your life and purpose

Making each of your dreams a new reality for your life.

Co-create with Spirit, learn to master energy and lead a Spirit-led life, learning to trust your higher self and Clairsense

Deepen your relationship with your Spirit

 and receive guidance from the best therapist in the universe your Spirit & light guides.

Being energetically in alignment with your highest self

tto answer the call of your soul, receive the sweet whispers of Spirit and navigate  life through the eye of Spirit.

And that is just some of what you will  receive

Every sessions invites you into a ceremonial space allowing your Spirit to be heard. Corrina  will receive visions from Spirit for your highest good and destiny. Through these sessions you will be connected with your Spirit Guides to receive healing and blessings for your new destiny.  This is quantum vision quest journey to arrive awaken full embodying your Spirit.

Discover what is possible with a direct connection to Spirit

I don't know how Corrina does what she does, but each session it is like she is looking into my soul and brings all that is in my heart forward. She is compassionate, kind and loving and has helped me connect to my Spirit, and step into a whole new life for myself.

Karen M.

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