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Using Energy Medicine To Shift Life Patterns

Using Energy Medicine To Shift Life Patterns

“When you change your energy, you change your life.” - Dr. Joe Dispenza

Research continues to emerge showing that our thoughts have the power to change our lives. While we once believed that it was matter that influenced our experience, we now know that it’s the opposite: our experience - as dictated by our emotions and minds - is what creates our physical reality. Dr. Joe Dispenza is doing some great research on this, and he’s not alone.

Energy, as measured by electromagnetic currents produced by brain states, tells us that when we’re in deep brain alignment, or coherence, the possibilities for healing, manifestation, and deep connection, are endless. And incidentally, the more we’re in this state, the less we actually strive for.

So, that’s all great but what I’ve been personally wondering is this:

How do we change our energy when we’re extremely triggered?

I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression at different times in my life and it feels the way Eckhart Tolle describes the pain body, like a dense cloud of pain that comes around and sits on me. It’s heavy, it grips my mind, and it’s pretty f-ing paralyzing.

Which makes me question: When we come to a place of being sick and tired of our old stories or patterns, how do we actually create a lasting shift, to release that sh*t - on the mental, emotional, physical and energetic levels?

How to Release The Energy of the Mind

I decided to get some support and try a 1:1 guided Energy Medicine session with Corrina Choe. Corrina explained that she’s able to tune into the biofield and see the way energy needs shifting. She’s been studying the biofield and energy medicine for over 10 years and weaves in multiple modalities including energy healing, tapping, bodywork, visualizations, Kundalini yoga, and more (I don’t have room here to list them all!).

As always, I tried to suspend my disbelief, and came to our session with a clear intention to let go of an old pattern I’ve been carrying since I was a kid. An old belief pattern (that I don’t belong) that I’m SO tired of.

Corrina began by guiding me through a self-touch and tapping exercise where I was tapping areas on my head, chest, under the arms and on top of the arms, which helped me get back into my body.

Then she took me on a pretty powerful guided visualization journey, to receive energetic healing. Note: I typically come to sessions like this with one foot out the door, because part of me doesn’t believe it’s really going to work and I truly can’t stand any form of role play. However, I was able to drop into the guided visualization and follow Corinna’s prompts. I was led down to the depths of the earth, to a room, where I encountered a grandmother and was shown an old contract I had created with myself at a young age. At that time, at a very young age, I decided I needed to be in control in order to manage relationships and get my needs met. In other words, I made the decision to change how I was and who I was in order to make people like me and respond to me the way I wanted. This emotional contract became a core way of being that’s stayed with me through my life. Corrina guided me to release that old contract, and I felt the energy of control begin to shift immediately. At the end of the journey, I created a new contract for my soul, to move, speak and live with total liberation. This was incredibly supportive, and I’ve continued with some at-home practices to support the shifts.

One thing’s for sure: We can’t solve a problem from the same consciousness that created it. In other words, we can’t think our way to healing. That’s where energy medicine can offer transformative support.

Why Energy Medicine Works

Unfortunately (as I know all too well!) focusing on the pain, the belief, or the pattern that you want to shift, is not going to shift it. It’s great to have the awareness to notice thoughts/beliefs that are causing pain (and to acknowledge that they don’t reflect the truth of who you are) but we don’t actually even need to know why the pain is there or what it’s about in order to shift it. To make a lasting shift in our lives, we need to shift the energy that’s kept those thoughts, beliefs, and corresponding emotional patterns, in place. And, according to many Energy Medicine teachers like Dr. Joe Dispenza and Corrina Choe, the most supportive way to do this is to focus on the truth of our desires:

What do you want? How do you want to feel? What’s actually true?

Using myself as an example, rather than circling back to the thought ‘I don’t belong’, Corinna helped me to shift my energy into embodying the energy that ‘I belong to myself’.

What I loved about doing this energy medicine session was that I was deeply a part of it. Corrina led me there but the healing happened through my own energetic realizations. If you’re curious to explore energy healing, you can learn more about Corrina’s work here. She’s all about teaching people to become their own healer. And for more options, here’s a list of top energy healers that I profiled together with my friend Hannah from Three Moon Collective. All are incredible. I’ll leave you with the following journal prompts to practice at home.

4 Journal Prompts to Support an Energetic Shift

Who did I create in order to survive or please others?

When you feel you need something from someone, or you’re stuck in controlling energy, ask yourself: Who needs this?

(For most of us, it’s not our higher selves but our inner child that’s seeking security.)

Imagine the space around your entire body- the energy field one inch above and around your entire body- and feel into that space via a full body scan.

Instead of focusing on the thought, ask yourself: What energy wants to shift right now? What wants to move?

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