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You may not realize it, but your Spirit Guides are always close by watching over you, waiting to communicate with you.

It’s true. There are many different types of Spirit Guides. Those from the Upper World are called Light Beings, those from the Lower world are called Medicine Woman and Men and those from the middle world are what I consider to be Wisdom teachers. Every Spirit Guide has a different vibration and different medicine to offer you.

Though you may not know it yet, there are many different Spirit Guides available to sup

port you.

Spirit beings communicate with us through our Spirit Selves aka our higher selves. If you’re curious to learn to connect with your Spirit Guides, you have to move past the thinking mind, past the emotional body and into the realm of the Super Consciousness. In other words, you have to be a clear channel to receive and understand the messages they are providing to you. So, how do you become a clear channel? We’ll get to that in a moment.

Before we dive in, I have to tell you that personally, connecting with my own Spirit Guides has provided me with so much healing, awareness, and connection to my higher self and I cannot recommend it enough. My own personal practice came from Shamanism and Daoism from which I learned to attune to my energy so that I could attune to the different Spirit Guides available to support me. If you’re curious about my own deep journey of healing through this work, I talk about that here.

While it may feel foreign at first, the more you move into ceremonial practices, the stronger your relationship will become both with your inner wisdom, and the Spirit realm around you. Here are five ways you can begin your journey with your Spirit Guides, and your own Spirit.

1. Build an inner alter to become a clear channel to dial into the right frequency.

  • Inner Energetic practices such as breathwork help to clear out emotional and mental patterns within the blood and the nervous system.

  • Cleansing your energy field with a flowering cool bath using rosemary, white and red carnations.

  • Commit to a spiritual practice of self-journeying, movement, and inner listening.

2. Build a relationship with your

Spirit Guides that encompasses receiving and giving as if you were building a relationship with someone in your life. Provide beautiful offerings to them, such as flowers and sweet honey or chocolate. Guides love offerings. As you and Spirit Guides share time during this process, your connection becomes much stronger.

  • White, Red and Pink flowers, for the Light beings in the Upper World: blow prayers and gratitude in the flower pedals they will provide you with insight to what you are seeking.

  • Kernels of Corn for the ancestors who will work with you for healing.

  • Chocolate because Mother Earth loves chocolate.

  • Something that represents your special offering to them for the guidance you need. I like to put a seashell or a rose in the middle.

e. Once you have completed the above and arranged the offering in a way that feels good to you by following your own intuition and guidance, wrap up the offering in white paper and offer it to the fire or bury it in the earth for them to be received.

3. Journeying is one of my favorite ways to connect to my Guides. Journeying is a process on its own, but I will share a simple practice here with you. Find a drumming journey tune from either Spotify or YouTube. You are looking for the drumming only. The drum will act as a portal to bring you into a deep state of relaxation.

  • Lay back with a blind fold on and blanket on you, take a couple of deep breaths.

  • Set an intention for your journey, perhaps you are doing some personal transformation work and would like some healing, or assistance with some insight.

  • Allow the drum to pull you in with each beat and call upon the ancestors for healing or the light beings for insight. Allow whatever visions, sounds or

feelings to arise as you journey.

  • When the journey is over, give thanks and immediately write down your experience.

4. Smoke ceremony is very powerful. It is used to clear our own perception, and purify our mind while we call upon our Spirit Guides to come sit with us. These are the tools you will need.

  • Ceramic holder for your charcoal and your Black Copal Resin

  • Shell or cast-iron pot to burn herbs of cedar, sweet grass, juniper, roses.

  • Light the copal and the herbs and call in your Spirit Guides to be with you as you purify your mind and your energy bodies. This is also an offering to them to sit with you during this time.

  • Close your eyes and allow yourself to move into a deep state of meditation. Do not be surprised if you start singing or chanting as Spirit m

oves within you.

5. Meet with your Spirit Guides often. Usually the early mornings and the evenings is a good time. This should be a sacred time for you. Consistency is key for yourself and your Spirit Guides. Remember, you are building a relationship with them. Visit them often.

_ _ _

If you are looking for support to tune into your Spirit and connect with your Spirit Guides, you can learn more about Corrina Choe and her offerings. We highly recommend her 1:1 Spirit Sessions as well as the programs she offers help other spiritual teachers and practitioners learn to weave sacred ceremony into their lives.

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