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Healing & Empowerment

Healing the Feminine

Through Shamanism and Taoist practices, we address the whole women, emotions, body, spirit and psyche.  Women are like the deep beautiful mysterious ocean they hold deep feelings, nurturing and compassion within them.  When a women experiences heartache, trauma sadness and depression she feels this deeply within her soul and heart.  Her whole bodies (physical, soul and Spirit) feel it deeply.


Her body and soul will hold on to these wounds taking away her very essence and power.

She tends to feel she is broken because she is unsure how to express these experiences that hold her captive within herself, like feeling trapped. She was not taught how to process these experiences therefore it stays with her until she can heal this within herself.  It tends to eat away at her soul stealing her joy and love for life and directing her life down a road that may not be for her highest good.


Every woman is different every experience she has is different from others but one thing we all have in common is the ability to heal ourselves when guided back into ourselves.  My work is not traditional by any means as the

normal way of healing from a Western point of view did not cut it for me.  This is what sent me out

on my search for over 20 years looking for the best healing practices from the Ancient Eastern traditions.  They are powerful they are empowering, and they give so much more than just healing.  They provide you a way to navigate through life with love, grace and support.

Spirit has guided me to work with women from all walks of life no matter how you refer to yourself. 

There are no labels here just the ONE.


You now longer have to give your power over to the words in your head that says I am broken. 

Instead you will learn how to become empowered to heal yourself, navigate through tough life situations, set boundaries, learn what real self-care is inner and external. You will be come your own healer

 your medicine women, your intuitive guidance because each women was given these abilities at birth. 

You are not broken my dear one you just have not had a chance to process the pain in your heart fully,

or learnt to stop taking direction from your head.  Back to ground ZERO the unfolding of all the wounds,

the scars and Rising UP with your  Sacred Feminine Powers.

Our mentorship together can answers questions such as what is my soul 's purpose here, guidance towards the path that brings you the most joy, and happiness. I will consult with your Spirit Guides on your behalf.

Our time together will be guided for your higher good. Each session will build upon the next as we unfold and dive deep into the ocean of wounds to retrieve the gold to move forward in life.

Sessions can include soul retrieval work, medicine journey, hands on lightwork , ceremony and practices to guide you deeper into empowerment in your daily life.

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