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gemstones crystal minerals, candle and sea shells. Crystal Ritual, Witchcraft, Prosperity,


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Learn how to work with the subtle bodies, rituals, and ceremonies transformational practices for your clients and yourself. Infused with Shamanism, Daoist Ancient Arts and Integrated Energy Medicine 

Spirit Sanctuary

This is a space for those who have worked with me in the Spirit Work  sessions.  It is a community space where will build upon your Spirit Skills and Medicine within you.  It is a continuous process of self discovery of your wisdom. Each month we will practice, learn new tools to go deeper within your own medicine. On -line Virtual events, teachings, and practices.

Members Only starting in January

Incense, Smoking incense sticks, a light

Monthly spirit sanctuary gatherings

1x1 Private Medicine Sessions and Group

 Luminous Reading

Create unique offerings with your medicine

Learn Shamanic practices to dive deeper into your medicine

Learn Light body work for yourself and your clients.

Learn Specific Medicine Ceremonies

Shamanic Energy Healing

Activating your Higher Energy Centers


Working with the 5 Spirits of Light

lightworkers classes

No upcoming events at the moment
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