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The Awakening


Through your self discovery series 

Let's open the gateways within


Your Medicine Gifts is the key to your Business

It is the way you deliver and serve the way that only you can. When you learn to access this again within you, it will feel natural, easy and fun while you  are doing what you love.

Sometimes we forget the magic and wisdom manual we have in us already, that is where I come in to remind you and reunite you with your gifts once again.

These sessions are customized for your needs.

Come back to a blissful state of being

Ceremony is meant to address your needs of healing,  support during your spiritual ups and downs,  rebalancing the energy within and raising your vibration to a whole new state of being in the world.

They are very sacred and are held with an energy of deep compassion, love and understanding.

  • Flower Offering Ritual

  • Energetic Cleansing of the Auric Field

  • Medicine Vision of what is coming through & flower water ritual to raise your vibrational bod.

  • Energetic surgery if required

  • Energetic Scan of physical and auric field

  • Smoke Ritual

  • Ceremony to take away

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