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 Access your innate healing intelligence, your energy bodies wisdom and your souls love for higher guidance for any situation.

Transform a 8 week program designed to provide you transformational experiences, attune to your highest self,

  and raising your vibrational frequencies for complete wellness, mind, body, soul and spirit. 

Work with the energy systems to unblock, clear, and release shadow energies residing in your fields from the past. In this work you will be guided how to use your intuition to work through the energetic layers, soul energetics and tap into your wisdom so you can fully express your unique being in the world. Learn how to receive and perform powerful healing for yourself so you are liberated and empowered to be your own healer.

When we heal at the level of energy we heal the mind, body and soul and access our ability to connect to Spirit

Have you forgotten how powerful you are and the unlimited resources that lay within you to create, heal and manifest?

Are you attracting the wrong relationships into your life?

Are you feeling depleted and drained due to misalignment with your career?

Do you just settle when you know there is something more for you?

Do you ignore your intuition and then regret it?

Are you wanting to birth new live into being(baby)

Often times we try our best to get back on track with life and follow that deep desire we have within us, only to find ourselves in the same situations, same jobs, same relationships because it is difficult to change.

That is why I want to share Transform with you, to transform not change, change is usually done at the mind level only in Western Society, but in Eastern and Holistic approaches in order to transforms you become part of the process at all levels, mind, body, soul and spirit. 

There is nothing you cannot do, become, or manifest.  You were meant to live an extraordinary life filled with wonder and magic and if you are not then Transform is for you.


Transform will provide you with practices for life that you can go back to time and time again, but one day you will not need the practices as you will be the practice.  As you step in fully you will be amazed  at  how unlimited and powerful you are.  Transform will ripple out into every part of your life, from relationships to careers and to a deep personal reconnection to your authentic self. 

Each week we will be working with a chakra and  associated elements at the level of body, emotions, psyche and soul for a true holistic experience of transformation.  Through guided practice, discussions, mentoring and healing you will gain insight to how these energies have been shadowing your life astray.

This work is very unique and I have carefully and loving combined  elements of energetic therapy, Daoism, Shengong, Dao Yin Qi Gong,  Shamanism, Neigong, Energy Medicine and breath work.

You can expect healing, insights, awakening, higher frequency of energy, deep sense of connection to one's soul



  •  8 weeks together live  via zoom  for 2 hours

  • 1 private energetic reading on your chakra system

  • 30 minute mentoring session

  • Weekly Embodiment Practices

  • Weekly Energy Ceremony

  • Guided intuitive practices

  • Discounts on mini courses

This group comes with an open mind and heart and each individual is dedicated to their personal growth.  

Each individual has started down their healing path and is committed to themselves.  

Each individual will be carefully selected after filling out the application below.   You can expect an e-mail within 48 hours back to you.

The  program starts up again on June 23rd

Exchange: $1499.00 one time payment or 3 payments of $500.00


Thanks for submitting!

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