Looking to take your healing practice to the next level?

You are a natural born healer, you walk your talk, you take your spirituality to the next level and you push the boundaries of higher consciousness. You are your own healer, guide and you have magical gifts to share with the world.

Ready to put it all together and take it to the next level.

Inside the Soulmuria training you will gain clear guidance and direction to:

  • To connect to your Spirit, Guides and intuition

  • To trust the information you are receiving so that you can provide healing, wisdom and insight.

  • Plenty of practice with your ClairSenses

  •  Work at the Soul Energetic Level with clients.

  • Understand the 4 directions and their energy so you know where you client is residing.

  • Working in a Shamanic way.

Get ready for so much more owning your gift is the first step...go ahead keep reading.


This training is a combination of developing your ClairSenses, Shamanism, Energy Medicine and Neuroscience.  I have created this course from the guidance of my Spirit Guides. This training is not like other trainings even though I will be teaching you some pretty awesome tools and theory your ClairSenses gifts and Spirit will be guiding you.  This training is focused at the Soul Level which is the intersection of  the Human and Spirit Self.  

Become a Certified Soulmuria Energy practitioner

Soulmuria is a 4 month training program combining self study, live group teachings and practices and one on one mentorship. The program will teach you to trust your psychic guidance, receive the exact healing that your client needs, work in a Shamanic matter, understand how to work with energy channels within the body, and the biofield around the body.  You will work with rites, ceremonies and plant medicine. You will walk away feeling confident as a empowered healer.  

You practice channeling, mediumship, listening and reading where the energy is blocked in the body, shifting energy and working with Spirit guides and divining your own psychic abilities.  Working like a Shamanic Soulmuria Lightworker combines Spirit guidance, ancient traditions and modern science.  You will be able to assist your clients with emotional discomfort and trauma and providing them joy, happiness and a connection to their soul and spirit once again.

I believe our society more than ever is suffering from Soul Separation leaving one feel lonely, depressed and feeling like part of themselves are missing.


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Expansion of your Empowered Medicine

  • Divining your psychic skills

  • Connecting to the energies of the 7 Spirit Directions

  • Building your medicine tools

  • Plant Medicine Allies

  • Guided intuitive practices

  • Receive the protection + seer rites

  • Self Healing Vision Quest

  • Deep meditation 

This module is all about you and deepening your connection to self, spirit and your intuitive gifts. In this module Corrina will introduce the 7 Spirit Directions and the energies associated with them.   You will also receive your first one one one mentorship with Corrina to ensure you understand how to work with your psychic gift.

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Energy Entrainment, Our Lighter Side, Higher Dimensional Self

  • Charka, Aura, Biofield and Inner Channel Theory

  • Emotions and Energy in the body and field

  • Somatic Body Listening

  • Nervous System Reset with Vibrational Raindrop therapy

  • Spirit Body Points

  • Shifting your own Energy Guided Practice

  • Spirit of Sound, Plants and Spiritual Bath

  • Soul Disassociation

  • Breathe work

  • Energy Preparation Therapies, Chakra Flush, Cleansing, Biofield tuning.

In this module we will dive deep into understanding the subtle and inner channel of the bodies.  We will also understand how sound, plants and water can shift energy. You will also explore here emotions and memories may be stored in the body and how to release it it. Understand the nervous system with dealing with trauma and how you reset it.

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Ceremony Celebration

  • Client Ceremony Celebration

  • Integration of Transformation

  • Creating and channeling ceremony

  • Rebirthing a new dream 

In this module we learn how to setup the celebration ceremony for our client, channel the new medicine and higher frequency for our client to feel empowered to continue personal journey and becoming their own healer.

Closeup of a woman sitting alone in a forest performing a cleansing ceremony with a smudgi


First Module April 15th Welcoming

First module dates April 16th Live from 9:30 to 3:00

Self Study +  Private Mentorship  during April


 Third Module 

 June 4-5  Live from 9:30 to 3:00

June 10 Live 7:00 to 9:00

June 11th Live 9:30 to 3:00

Self Study +  Private Mentorship  during June


Second  Module May 7th 

Saturday  Live from 9:30 to 3:00

Live May 11th from 7:00 to 9:00 pm

Self Study +  Private Mentorship  during May


Fourth Module

July 8th Live from 7:00 to 9:00

July 9th Live from 9:30 to 3:00

Practices and certification

 Inquire for the full program with optional payment plans

Dates may vary with plenty of advance notice.



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Soul Enlivening + Shadow Diving+Ancestor Wisdom

  • Soul pieces and trauma, complex and Development trauma.

  • Where it  effects the brain

  • .Plant Medicines to incorporate into the journey

  • Ancestor Healing

  • Medicine Cleansing

  • Understanding Soul Retrieval

  • Medicine Journey

  • Identifying time, place and where the wound resides

  • Becoming the Medicine 

  • Raising your frequency 

  • Astral Traveling

  • Hands on Energy Protocols

  • Client Session Soul Retrieval, Chakra tracking, Somatic Releases, Hands on Energy Guidance, Trauma Energy Untangling

In this module we will dive deep into understanding how to go on a soul quest with your client. Setup of sessions, traveling, tracking, wisdom  and co-regulation and integration practices for transformation.

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