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Shamanic Energy Training immersed in ancient technologies for

healing and transformation

Awaken your Lightworker Medicine at a deeper level to assist others on their path of Light.  Experience, learn, practice, the skills of being a tracker in the Lower World, the subconscious shadows of one's energetic patterns of the mind and emotions to integrate and heal the hidden pieces.

MAY 1,2, 8TH  FROM 10:00am to 4:00pm est

Investment for Level 1 is $444.00

 Shamanic Energetic Treatments Your Spirit Technology   Soul Cord Cutting    Purging and Tonifying the Energetic Body   Medicine Journeys to the Lower World    Tracking Skills   Trauma Recovery    

Soul Retrieval for Lightworkers

It is said that what would take psychologist many years to heal trauma, only takes 3-5 sessions of Shamanic  Soul Retrieval to empower a person to heal and welcome back the parts of them that fled energetically during the time of distress.  I would like you to be aware that it takes years of practice as a lightworker to get to this stage even if the ego denies it.  What I have learned though is that the more I come into practice on  my own, communing with the energies, practicing my tracking skills, being an empty vessel the more I can be of service in this area for others.

I will be offering the theory, the techniques, practices and the skills during our time together, but the techniques will not bring the results alone until you deepen your practice of awakening your medicine to track, see, hear, and come in commune with Spirit. 

We will have plenty of time to practice over the three days and start to embody the energies and the tracking skills necessary to do this work. 

The teachings have been passed down through time from all cultures working  Shamanicaly to heal souls and awaken their Spirit .I will be calling on the practices from my teachers from Peru, Daoist Shamanic traditions, Integrated Energy methods across cultures.


What is Soul Retrieval and where does it come from

Introduction Shamanism and Soul Retrieval

Introduction to Trauma Recovery

Energetic Patterns in the body, emotions and mind


The Astral Realm

Cleansing  and Purifying the Chakra  Gateways front and back system

Listen to the Voice of  the Somatic Body and Healing 

Working in the Lower World ( subconscious Mind), tracking

Spirit  Points to release the energy

First Soul Retrieval Energy Protcol

Breathwork to settle the nervous system

Energetic Cupping and Invisble Needling

Energetic Cord Cutting


Preparing  yourself for sessions

Creating the space for the client

Preparing your medicine tools 

Medicine Journeying

Integration  Ceremony & Offering 

When you are completed level one you will  have an understanding when to work with Soul Retrieval, learn to track the sacred wound,  how to prepare your client  for this session, cleansing the fields, releasing the energy and performing the energetic soul retrieval.

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Course Outline

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