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Three Ways to Re-Build Your Spirit Body

Living Liberated by re- building your Spiritual Body

In building the Spiritual Body, you must become aware of the energy of the shadows, and this can be difficult work. How can you see what is in the shadows to move away from that energy?

The ego holds boundaries around these shadows to keep us safe, but when the boundaries are not removed it changes the path of our whole life. Ready to get back on your soul path?

You may be asking what is a Spiritual Body? This is my definition of a Spiritual Body. Your body is filled with light, purified from deep rooted wounds, one that has activated the Spirit Senses that you we all have, intuition, sensing, seeing, pysic, feeling or knowing. When one or more of this is activated in the body you can communicate with Spirit in your own way through whatever Spirit Sense you were born with in this lifetime.

I am constantly doing this work on myself for a couple of reasons I want to be liberated from my shadows, I want to dive deep and rise with wisdom to share with others. As a healer and lightworker doing this work provides me with more light as a practitioner when working with someone’s else energy.

I have been working with my own shadow energies for years, by doing this work I was able to overcome anxiety, open my unique gifts even more as an intuitive and change understand my soul’s calling.

Shadow work is nothing to be afraid of in fact it is the opposite it is liberating I love do shadow work the more do the more I feel my Spirit guiding me.

Building your Spiritual Body takes discipline, commitment, and a whole lot of trust and faith within yourself, but it is very empowering. You will be surprised what has been hidden from you hanging out in your energy fields and when you finally become aware of it, a part of you will say I knew that I could feel that.

In the shadows we have hidden our deepest hurts, our wounds, which as turned into reactions of survival causing us to call in another energy that we project out into the world without being aware of it. It is so buried in your subconscious mind that even you have forgotten about it, but the imprints live on. If we all do our part and become aware of these shadow energies, I feel we will look at each other in a more compassionate way.

Self development prepares your body, clears your emotions, settles your energy, and allows you to drop into the stillness of your heart and observe. This is how we build the light to use within the shadows. In my personal experience it is very liberating to release and free from the energy of the shadow. I would say the hardest part is identifying the shadow energy once the shadow energy is identified we can work to clear it, surrender and change the chemicals in our body to call in energy that we would like.

Here is a shadow energy that I have been working with this one has been around for many years and it was a big shadow energy for me. It was feeling trapped in my own life, this shadow energy goes all the way back to when I was a little girl and it has carried out into my whole life, my jobs, my relationships and my creativity it really disrupted my life.

My shadow energy had me always wanting to run to something different to feel liberated which caused me to make choices from my survival mind and not my heart. So, you can see how one shadow energy can have a long life of its own. Again, once you identify it you can put the right energy in place and work to replace the shadow energy, which for me on this particular one was feeling liberated in all that I do.

I also wanted to share I did not go looking for the shadow energy, I received this feeling in the back of my heart many times and I knew something wanted to come through. In my practices below I started to observe how this energy was showing up in my life.

The good news is the more your build your Spiritual body the easier it will be to find these shadow energies and liberate yourself. Allow yourself time when your body is trying to communicate with you through energy feelings.


Here are three immediate actions you can take to Build your Spiritual body:

1. Energy Awareness & Gathering

a. Alchemy mediations starts to calm the mind and moves the emotional and mental energy in the lower region of the belly to ground and change the energy. Do not rush this practice allow the body time to move the energy in its own way.

b. It is a gathering process of your energy and changing the energy to one that is refined with wisdom.

c. Start this practice as an observation of where your breath is sitting naturally in your body. Is it in the chest area, the solar plexus area keep searching?

d. Then observe the energy do not try to change it, turn up your awareness until the energy moves lover down in your body.

e. You are aiming to get to the lower belly area, do not use your mind to move the energy allow the awareness to move the energy.

f. Once the awareness moves to the lower belly ensure you are breathing from the belly not the chest.

g. Rest all the energy and breath here allowing it to be nourished by the womb area

h. (your medicine bowl).

i. Sit for 15 to 20 minutes and when done journal about the energy that you felt through out this exercise. Energy start off feeling heavy, move to feel light examples.

2. Self Led Healing Session: Calling on your Spirit and your Spirit Gifts, such as intuition, seeing, feeling, knowing.

a. Setup an hour or two for yourself with no interruptions.

b. Bring offerings of pink and white flowers, copal to burn, candle to light

c. Shamanic Drumming music

d. Start by offering the rose pedals on a white tissue paper. Pull the pedals 3 from the pink, 3 from the white bring them to your lips and say, I am ready for the healing of the shadow energy. Thank Spirit for being here with you today.

e. Light your Copal Smoke turn

on the drumming music, put a blindfold over your eyes, lay back.

f. Call to Spirit, come Spirit I am ready for my healing. See a house in the woods where you will go, walk towards stairs, and there you will meet your Spirit Guide ready for your healing.

g. Walk in and ask are you a Spirit of the Light if yes then proceed and shut the door behind you.

h. Allow Spirit to work with you now and share all that needs to be shared and healed.

i. All whatever sound, image, or feeling to arise now.

j. When done, thank Spirit and come back into your body and immediately write down what type of healing you received, what the shadow energy was that you felt, saw or sensed was being worked on.

k. Give thanks by adding more rose pedals white and pink on the tissue paper.

l. Sit is silence for awhile for the work to integrate.

m. Then bring the rose pedals outside and bury them in the ground.

3. Connect to Spirit:

a. Close your eyes wherever you are, come into your body. Call your soul into your body to be present, call your Spirit Guides.

b. The more relaxed you are the more you work on your spiritual body the more connection will come through for you.

c. I usually ask my Spirit Guides, show me what I cannot see, heal what I cannot heal

Enjoy these practices and do them as often as you feel that sudden urge that something would like to be liberated within you.

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