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Heartache as Medicine

The fragile heart but yet so resilient as deep as the cosmos, with the wealth of a 1000+ years of wisdom. I am talking about the subtle heart that is the portal for all experiences that shows us our vulnerability, our strength, and how we can love even deeper than we knew was possible.

When it breaks the only comfort is its beloved soul and spirit to nurse it back into the world once again. When entering into the chamber of the heart that has been broken there are no quick fixes and no rules that are defined here, it wants to feel what it wants, it wants feel so allow it and when it has a moment to come into the silence of itself and allows the cosmic liquid of tears to hit the earth it is beginning to heal.

In the space of such tenderness and rawness the Spirits hear and gather around you celebrating your strength of allowing yourself to feel yourself so fully.

Eventually those tears that fell to the earth will leave an imprint on your soul as wisdom that maybe past on to someone someday.

To experience the gift of loving so deeply is worth the risk of losing it all. For just one moment of the sweetness is worth a million tears to receive just a glimpse of what is so powerful that no words, no therapy could reflect back to you the love that is

inside of you. For the door to love only reflects back how much love you hold within yourself. For the o

ne you send your love to my dear is the love you wish you had for yourself

. How you love someone is a reflection of how you should love yourself.

The deepest heartaches of love with another provides the most profound medicine for oneself.

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