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journey with me

7 weeks of journeying together

Empowering practices for Intuitive Self-Lead Guidance through transformation

Journeying is a way to look inwards for your higher guidance for any situation you seek answers or healing. When we connect to a space beyond our mind we enter into the great mystery of the soul and spirit supervision. As a Shamanic Medicine Seer I will guide you each week through one luminous layer at a time allowing you to feel more liberated from social conditioning, trauma, and allowing you to connect to the healer within you. Please set aside 2 hours each time we meet and time during the week for your practice to get acquainted with the parts of you that have been invisable  to you. This is a experience for your subtle bodies to become integrated into your everyday following your own Shaman Voice within you.

Journey through the seven luminous layers and  start by coming back into your body, clearing the inner energy channels to heighten your Spirit Senses, reprogram the lower conditioned states of the mind and emotions with new programs of empowerment, courage and confidence. Go beyond the human self to journey into the Astral Plane where the soul bridges human and spirt and see the records or your soul life. Explore the mystical part of who you are and remember yourself as a Soul Being, end by meeting your Highest Self the version you have been searching for. Your Spirit will call upon your Lightworkers and Spirit Guides to support you and introduce you to the medicine you hold within.

Space for you: 
Create a space that is only yours as you will be using it for the next 7 weeks.  Bring a candle, blanket, lots of flowers that you are drawn to and cushions. Bring in a open heart to be kind, compassionate and loving towards yourself. 



On-Line Every Thursday from 7:00 to 9:00pm

 Nov4th, 11th, 18th, 25th, December 3rd, 9th and 16th

Investment $222.00

These sessions are not recorded and no refunds will be offered.

Corrina is the founder of Luminous Liberation.  She is an Shamanic Intuitive Medicine Seer, a Master Integrated Energy practitioner,  Ayurveda Certified Consultant, Ayu-yoga and Kundalini Certified, Ceremonalist, an initiated Shamanic healer,  a student completing her Shamanic Chinese Energy Medicine Certification.

The last 10 years Corrina has been a student always seeking how we can push the human boundaries to integrate the Spirit Self, she has been mentoring other lightworkers, runs a healing practice and offering workshops and teachings around Ceremony and Energy Medicine and the way of Shamanism.

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