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This is deep, mystical and beautiful expansion work so you may witness your own Spirit as a guide for you in your live. I can only explain this work as Spiritual where you will access the sacred within, start to access, channel and connect to that side of yourself fully.  Imagine living a life here you are your own Spirit Guide, whenever you need clarity, healing, assistance all you have to do is connect to those parts of you that are already there.

Imagine discovering your own psychic abilities to communicate with the other side, work with Spirit guides for yourself and others. The more you allow yourself to connect to your own spirit the more spirit will communicate with your through light language, messages, visions and higher vibrational beings and teachers. Reconnect with your higher self through the Quantum field. 

I offer these experiences from the bottom of my heart so that you may witness for yourself  the sacred being you already are.


 Channeled Soul Past Life Session

Soul Past Life Sessions brings forward your wisdom for other lives you have lived, it releases all the karma those places and times maybe holding on to.


You will feel lighter as I work as a medicine medium to track past live energies in your field,  projections from others and yourself that have crystallized as a imprint. Often times the worry, anger, hurt is not ours it was put upon us subconsciously.  If we leave these energies in our field we will constantly be living someone's live and stay stuck in fear.

Corrina will guide you into a deep state of relaxation, as you journey to the past to free your future and bring forward your soul wisdom to navigate this life.


Each session last about an hour and is known to bring healing at a deep level and expands your consciousness to new levels.  

Price:  for each session $225.00 

Ascension Energetics- Virtual 

In this session you will receive a quantum energetic realignment for your body and soul.

In these sessions you can witness your body trembling, moving and possible sounds from yourself.  This is just your body and energy systems intelligence working on your behalf. Corrina will work with your energy and assist it to clear blockages, expand your frequency to higher states

Lay back, become aware and allow all sensations to arise.

One step closer to your Spirit.

Each session will last 1 hours

Price:  for each session  350.00



  • An invitation to learn how to become your own Spirit Guide, and connect with your Spirit for Guidance.  

  • Learn the Language of Your Spirit

  • Translate and understand the meaning of what you receive.

  • Journey around the medicine wheel to meet your Light Team who will support you, teach you and provide you wisdom.

  • Setup Ritual practices to go into deeper states of being to meet Spirit

  • Learn to raise your vibration enough to reach Spirit

  • Channel and receiving insight and healing from your guides.

  • Learn to trust and take action based on guidance.

  • Create an altar of allies to work with.

These are private and group session, privates are available right away and groups will be announced 

 6 weeks private sessions for an hour. $888.00

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