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You are Pure Divine Magic, the work you do in the Spirit realms shifts reality for the better of human race.

In a world that often drowns out your inner voice, silencing your sensitivity and intuition, it's easy to feel disconnected. Yet, it's precisely the part of you that you've quieted that holds the key to what this world truly needs.

You've begun to tune in more to your intuition, and it's been surprising to discover just how naturally intuitive you are, or you have not yet learn to trust your own power.


You are ready to plunge into the depths, eager to unearth the treasures of your innermost gifts. Your heart thrums with excitement as you anticipate delving into the ethereal, ready to glean wisdom from the unseen realms.

As a Clairvoyant, Oracle and Medium, part of my work is to help beautiful women like you unleash your intuitive gifts to share with the world.


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The ability to enter nonordinary reality is the hallmark of the mystic, Shamaness, Oracle, Medium

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This learning is experiential to embody your Divine Essence and Wake up your Spiritual Self

  • Learn Shamanic Journeying to open your psychic abilities

  • Learn to move into a trance state to tune in.

  • Becoming a conduit for Channeling

  • Remote Viewing

  • Vision Quest practices

  • Divination practices for when you have tough questions you need answers to.

  • Learning to tap into others energies through trance states.

  • Learn how to communicate with the Spirit World and Energies.

  • Tons of practice.

 At the end of  our time together, you will be your own Spirit Guide, know who  your spirit guides are and how to access them to continue to grow. You can expect to open multi-dimensional parts of yourself. Your ClairSenses will grow, channeling wisdom will come through, healing, learning how to work with energy in a whole new way, receive visions, and understand the messages you are receiving and how to work with them for yourself and others.

8 weeks,1.5 hours a week so you can embody integration.

Your investment for activating your higher self is $1350.00

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Learn to channel with your own Spirit. Ceremony provides a sacred space to listen deeply to your Spirit. You will be guided to go beyond the human mind and to the Divine Mind to receive guidance


Bring forward your wisdom from other live times and break free from generational wounds, and incorporate ancestor wisdom passed down to you you. 


Learning to sense, feel, or know energy within yourself provides you will the ability to shift your vibration.  Through working with the Five Spirits within you, you will become a clear conduit to hold higher vibrations. Release cords and re-attach cords.


Travel into the invisible  realms, and other dimensions to retrieve wisdom, teachings, and guidance. and connect to your spirit.Learn how to journey and bring forward the unmanifested to manifested.


Is a space where you will practice and go even deeper into your Spiritual Self, and here you also meet your Spirit Guides. Deep. Breathwork and mind, body, spirit practices


Is a space where you can practice your spiritual gifts, such as receiving your own guidance,  get into rhythm with your Spirit. Through the practice of  Somatic movement, upgrade your nervous system, work with the  five spirits( your energy centers) to receive more vibrational upgrades


Learn how to listen to your own inner guidance everyday, and trust your abilites to connect 

to your Spirit and have the courage to follow through on the guidance



  • Daily practices to prepare your body to become a conduit for your Spirit to flow freely through you.

  • Six Modules included:

    • Being your own Energy Healer ​

    • Meeting your Soul in Past Lives and bringing forward wisdom.

    • Awakening the Psychic within you

    • Becoming the conduit for Channeling

    • Sacred Lightworker, through Ceremonies 

    • Being your own Spirit Guide

  • Weekly Self Guided Video's and Practices

  • Deleting energetic imprints in your body, energy, and soul systems.

  • Journeys to guide you to rewrite your Soul contract

  • Cutting Cords to people, places or things that drain your energy.

  • Somatic practices to strengthen your Five Spirit Energy Systems.

  • Creating prayer bundles to call forward your desires.

  • Removing the Mask Meditation, deprogramming false selves.

  • Practices to strengthen your psychic gifts

  • Channeled ceremonies to awaken you.

  • Beautiful rituals

  • Divination practices for when you have tough questions you need answers to.

  • The power of Altar Work

  • Book of Shadow, Contracts and Life Journeys, empowering new states of self-empowerment.

Your investment $777.00

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