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Take a deep Journey into the inner landscape of your ENERGETIC BEING.  HARMONIZE THE THREE BODIES, HUMAN, SOUL AND SPIRIT.

Illumination Ceremony awakens your Light(Spirit) and reminds you of your special healing medicine and gifts to offer the world.  You will be illuminating your own Light to shine out into the world through your unique being.  We were born with these healing gifts and when illumination is activated you will remember once again of who you truly are. 

Experience the opening of your inner energy channels like little rivers running throughout your body and witness the expansion, the releasing, letting go, cleansing and activation of new pathways that illuminate from the inside out of your being.

This is a very powerful ceremony and will allow you to experience yourself at a whole new level. You will come to touch your spirit through this process.

This ceremony is not for everyone but you will know if it is for you it will be an instant yes. If there is any hesitation please wait until you are truly ready.

This offering is done in a group and rarely done privately unless arranged with me directly.  I would hold space up to 22 people during our two hours togethers.  I will share the information about what we will be focusing on this day. I tune into the days that I am guided to offer this for the best outcomes for you.  I will then guide you through the Illumination process, allow time for the integration and come together in circle to share and close the ceremony.

The outcome will be different for each and every soul that is in attendance together as we are all on our journey in different timelines. What you can expect after thought is some of the following but not limited to.

  • Ability to tune in more to listen, hear, or sense energy of others and yourself.

  • Ability to receive Spirit downloads in the form of new idea's, healing, your offerings, the medicine you were born to share.

  • Ability to connect with Spirit and Spirit guides and receive messages.

  • Ability to tune into the subtle energies of others, our earth and the universe

  • A sense of powerful healing energy within and powerful energy shifts for your clients.

  • You may become sensitive  or emotional after while your body and energy bodies catch up to one another. This is normal

  • If you have a healing practice already where you see clients they will experience more powerful energy healing from you.

  • You may feel tired and will need to rest until everything has integrated

  • You will feel clear about your healing gifts.

  • You will come to know everything you need to activate your healing powers, connect to your soul and know your medicine has always been within you.

How to prepare for this ceremony:


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You are a amazing intuitive being

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