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Ready to make some magic happen for yourself.  Everything is energy including your thoughts, emotions, soul and spirit.  I have the gift of being Clairvoyant, Medicine Medium and Clairsentient which means I can read your energy and what is going on under the surface or behind the scene of your being. I work with ancient shamanic traditions in a modern way to provide healing, at the level of body, soul and emotions.  Don't worry I also have tons of studies under my wing. I marry up Quantum Science with Shamanic Energy Medicine and my own gifts to provide you holistic ascension

You did not land here by mistake so lets get started.  Ready to start living a truly magical life? Lets get startedTogether


What is a Spirt to Sprit Session

Corrina is a Clairvoyant Seer, Clairsentient and  Master Shamanic Healer. She is able to translate your energy all around you into images, and feel emotions old and new that you carry around with you.  She works with your Spirit and Spirit to receive guidance on your behalf.

The parts of you that have been silent for so long usually shows up in these sessions.

This is a safe space to ask any questions you may have or need clarity on.

What you will receive:

 Exactly what your Spirit knows you need at this time.

Answers to questions your soul keeps nudging you for.

Understanding your life destiny

What is your natural and highest energy signature

What energy and how to shift energies blocking you from connecting to your soul

What energies may be blocking your intuition

What Clair Senses and  divine gifts you carry within your Divine field of energy.

Guided ceremonies are provided after the session. 

All Sessions are through Zoom

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These initiations open your heart, retrieve the soul, and awaken your Spiritual medicine. We will ready the body and soul to keep expanding into your Spirit Self.

  • This program/training is for those who are on their spiritual path

  • Who have started to access their higher gifts and would like to expand them even more.

  • You want to transition with guidance through the ups and downs of spiritual growth.

  • You want to learn ceremony with the peaks and valleys of your soul birthing.

  • You want to share your gifts with others

  • You are drawn to energy work, Light beings, your Spirit. light language and ceremony.

  • You want access more of your Clair senses

  • You are ready to commit to a eight week ascension program.

What you will receive:

8 weeks of private one on one Sessions:  

Every session  I will guide you to go deeper in the quantum field for healing and releasing old patterns.

Retrieve the soul fragments, and activate the alignment.

Understand your Soul Family.

Call forward your light beings and guides upon your path.

Activate your Spirit as your Spirit Guide

Awaken your medicine/gifts

Learn Light Languages of energy and Light. 

Awaken your Divine DNA.

Become your multi-dimensional self here on earth.

Learn to channel and connect wisdom from your quantum self.

Understand your gifts/medicine and how to use for your business.

Learn through your ascension to help heal others.

Walk upon the earth activated as your Higher Spirit Self, and open up the world of  Divine mystery.

Your investment is $2222.00

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