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What is a Spirt to Sprit Session

Corrina is a Clairvoyant Seer, Clairsentient and  Master Shamanic Healer. She is able to translate your energy all around you into images, and feel emotions old and new that you carry around with you.  She works with your Spirit and Spirit to receive guidance on your behalf.

The parts of you that have been silent for so long usually shows up in these sessions.

This is a safe space to ask any questions you may have or need clarity on.

What you will receive:

 Exactly what your Spirit knows you need at this time.

Answers to questions your soul keeps nudging you for.

Understanding your life destiny

What is your natural and highest energy signature

What energy and how to shift energies blocking you from connecting to your soul

What energies may be blocking your intuition

What Clair Senses and  divine gifts you carry within your Divine field of energy.

Guided ceremonies are provided after the session. 

All Sessions are through Zoom



Experience the highest vision of your Divine Self. In Shamanism and my mikmaq lineage visions quest were taken by those who wanted an understanding of ones path of service, and guidance from Spirit about their lives.  They would fast for 4 days and sit in one spot in nature while and elder watched over them.  I have created a version of this vision quest that will bring about powerful shifts, and wisdom from your Spirit and of Spirit. In this space you get to witness your Divine Self and fair warning you will be flooded with so much love.

What to expect during our time together:

Once you agree with Spirit that you are ready for this Vision Quest, I will send you instructions on how to prepare, and what you will need. Upon our agreed upon time, you will lay down, after following the instructions I sent  and listen to the  music I have provided and allow yourself to be open to receive. 

During this time I will journey on your behalf, while you are holding focus on your request to Spirit.  You may feel your body get warmer, tingling from energy, a presence of the guides, angels and ancestors. Healing is always done in this space to prepare you for your destiny. 

After our time together you will receive a video from me with the visions I received from Spirit, along with a ceremony that was shown to me from Spirit to continue to be in the frequency flow. 

Most people find their way here when they are looking for a change in their life, healing, or feeling stuck in life and at  a cross road, and you can no longer ignore the call, the voice that has been calling you to move into your divine destiny to follow your path in this life.

I am deeply humbled and honored to work with Spirit and your Spirit in this way. 

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