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Allow your medicine to emerge through the journey of these 9 rites.  These beautiful rites are hundreds of years old and the energy is even more powerful. As each rite is activated within you and connected to the lineage you will start to discover your own medicine rising up in you.  The ancestors will start to come to you and guide you in your healing and assist you with serving others. You will working within the four directions of the medicine wheel this is truly a journey of transformation and evolution from human back to the multidimensional being you are.


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Foundation - The Awakening


Receive the Foundations Rites  and begin your journey into awakening  your healer and your medicine. Connect to the Inca lineage of past ancient ancestors and medicine women to support you on your journey.   Within the foundation you will learn to start self-sourcing  for your own healing and others.

  Learn the Sacred Element Ceremonies

As we enter the medicine compass  each of the nine rites will be transmitted into your luminous field, to reawaken the consciousness of your very being and to remap the world of your energy body, manifesting the new you.  


Unite with the ancient lineage of the great light healers of the past to information  and guide you through your journey of  transformation. The healer's rite invites you to shed the past and wake in to the world of healing with new power. Heal the wounds of the past and walk into the world with a new, re-informed luminous field, strength and guidance. By healing ourselves, we heal the past healer lineages of our ancestors, our future lifetimes, our destiny and each other.  


Strengthen the luminous field and filter the negative frequencies around you through the bands of power. You will receive five luminous energy bands of protection. Each band protects the five elements within you and dissolves any negative energy that may be coming towards you to create disharmony in your life. Each band of power: earth, air, fire, water and light,  will cultivate the light in your luminous field, informing the luminous body to bring balance, health and protection and you share your light in the world.


Each Chakra holds an ancient archetype of protection, a gate keeper into each dimensions and realm to enter the conscious vortex of the Chakra. Receive and activate the seven archetypes to recalibrate the luminous field and protect and allow access to the upper and lower worlds of consciousness and super consciousness. 


Unite the luminous pathways from  the third eye to the heart chakra to become informed by the depth of your inner sight . This rite awakens the inner eye and your ability to see the lumionous world of sacred energy. 


Lineage - The Light Worker

Experience the emergence of your sacred feminine held in the light of your masculine energy.  The grip of right and wrongs, and repressed expressions starts to melt away as the freedom within your body and voice is aloud to unwind.  Discovering and remember who you are and who you can assist others to heal deep wounds from the past.. As you call upon the Sacred Elements to guide you and you start to listening deeply to the winds, the earth, the water as your allies for healing others.

Learn the Pachamama Despacho and Fire Ceremony


Day keepers can connect to the master healers from the ancient world,  altars of great lineages, the mountains and the sun to heal and bring balance to the earth. This rite awakens the healing and harmony of Pachamama and the inner feminine, allowing us to step beyond fear into the practice of peace. 


Step into the heart of your deeper knowing as you connect to the lineage of luminous beings from both the past and the future. The wisdom keeper's rite is beyond time and merges us into infinity, to find our divine, healed inner masculine, allowing us to be in alignment with our  strength, power, truth and vulnerability with deep courage.


Deep healing of the womb of your being receiving and healing deep emotional imprints and restoring the peace, love , trust and empowerment back in your hands.

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Creator -Channeling your Medicine

Tune into Spirit and start listen closely as you start to receive the medicine for yourself and others. Trusting your Spirit Guides, your soul and Spirit to guide to the highest truth for yourself and assisting others .


The Earth and all sentient beings  are guarded by  the great  archangels of our solar system. This rite  connects you to the infinite universe and the great archangels to uplift your vision and spirit beyond the realms and boundaries of the Earth into  the a celestial  journey to the stars where all things begin so that you may access the source of light - the sun and stars and begin to dream a new consciousness into a new world anchored in light, beyond time. 


Return to the conscious source where you first entered time. This rite re-unites you with the beginning of time, reversing the process of aging as your DNA and luminous body becomes infused with the technology of light, strengthening your health and vitality as  you live your highest destiny. Come to the fire where you have always been welcomed. Take your place at the source of your own being and the universe.


You are now embarking on your true path as you awaken the Creator-Light within you. This rite returns us to our nature as the keepers and guardians for all creation on Earth and in the many universes.  You will now merge with Spirit, work with Spirit and call upon Spirit to create the world of your dreams and the healing of others. Return to the Earth with new strength, kindness, compassion, power, gentleness and love as you enter the realm of the Munay-Ki - the way of love.  All blessings are now bestowed upon you to live in alignment with your heart and highest destiny. 

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