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Spirit Messages

The guidance you have been looking for

The highest guidance you could receive comes from your own Spirit that is connected to the Universal wisdom.  I am a conduit allowing the messages and healing flow through me from your Spirit. In this space you will be safe, held and supported. You may ask questions for direction in life, relationships, your purpose here on this earth.  

Each sessions will start with dropping into silence becoming very present, and relaxed, then the messages will be given to you.  The messages come for your highest good, there will be messages about your soul, your energy vibration, visions of guided healing journey that is needed, and at times I will work with your energy to bring it back to balance.

After your session I will send you a personal ceremony that could include cleansing, praying, meditation, movement, and/or starting to work with your own Clairsens(Language of Spirit).

Who Are We
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