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Connect with your own Spirit and Guides, learn to trust, listen and understand what your Spirit is trying to tell you.  Once you connect with your Spirit, you will always feel guided, loved, understood, and empowered.  Your Spirit is the best healer you will ever know, and your Spirit is connected to guides just waiting to work with you.  Its time beloved to become your own Spirit Guide.  My service in this world is to connect as many people as I can to their own Spirit.



In this three-hour class discover your Sacred Psychic Senses and how to work with them. Understand the way you receive divine messages from guides, spirit helpers, and your own Spirit.

Understand your most dominate psychic center and receive energetic recalibration to assist you in channeling clear messages. 

Meet your own Team of Spirit Guides that work with your Spirit, and understand how to use your channeled messages, is it for healing, working with the other side or guiding souls, providing transmissions. Understand what you are received, decoding your channeling messages.

Workshop details

Corrina will walk you through the best way to get in the state to receive messages. She will start by grounding everyone and then taking you on a journey through the psychic centers to explore which centers seems more open for you to receive and which ones maybe blocked. Through a Shamanic process Corrina will guide you to program stones, or crystals to continue to strengthen your abilities.

With the help of her guides and yours, she will assist in realigning the psychic centers, and raise your vibration. Experience fun practices to make connection with your guides and strengthen your channeling skills.

To end our time together Corrina will tune in to as many people as she can to provide a reading of your most dominant psychic center and how your higher self-works with this gift.


  • Become your own Spirit Guide: Channel Sacred Messages
    Mar 04, 7:00 p.m. – 10:00 p.m.
  • Become your own Spirit Guide: Channel Sacred Messages
    Feb 11, 10:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
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