Closeup of a woman sitting alone in a forest performing a cleansing ceremony with a smudgi




Certified in over 10 energywork healing modalities with over 10 years of teaching and working as a energy healer.

Corrina will guide you through profound transformation and healing as you shift and release contracted energy trapped in the body via a on-line experience.

Her extensive body of work in emotional healing coupled with this transformational modality supports you to unbind energy and trauma from the body allowing you to access your innate healing and a deeper connect with self.  Through Corrina's clairvoyant insight and her own process  she’s experienced  over the years as an energy healer, you will start to feel lighter and change your vibrational patterns of thought, emotions and soul.

Classes are based on themes and energy that is coming up every month. Live sessions will be held monthly and past sessions will be recorded for you to purchase.

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So what is happening energetically to you

I believe when we allow ourselves to tune into our own energy around us and within us we connect to our soul and Spirit. We really start to witness who we are are and become empowered.

Come Join me in the on-line classes

Guided EnergyWork Journey Session: Transcendence
This month we are focusing on deep nourishment, opening up the energetic channels of the whole body.. Creating a state of transcendence.
Nov. 30, 7:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.