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The Calling is an invitation to know your spiritual self, in the deepest way possible. You'll learn to work with your soul, understand your ascension path, and become your own Spirit guide. You'll discover what your true spiritual gifts are, both for yourself, and the world. Say yes to the Calling

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About the Calling

The Calling is a ten-week experience inviting you to dive into your spiritual life and understand the history of your soul's many lives, so that you can call forth the spiritual wisdom and gifts you are here to manifest. In this journey, you will discover your unique spiritual senses (ClairSenses), learn to speak Spirit Light Language, connect to your Spirit and you'll begin to walk this earth fully awake to your Spirit Self. 

This is a mystical journey that includes Shamanic Energy Journeys, personalized Clairvoyant Soul Energy Sessions and Spirit Vision Quest sessions to support the awakening of your gifts and Spirit.  Once you answer the Calling you will never turn back.

About your Guide

I am not just a Spirit Guide translator; I am someone who has journeyed the Spirit-led path for most of my life and learned to not only answer my own Calling but to empower others who are ready to discover and answer theirs.

The Calling is for you if...


The Experience

Step 1:  In the first three weeks you will receive three 1:1 Soul Energy Sessions, with the intention to visit your soul past lives, retrieve lost soul parts and free yourself from Ancestral wounds, and rewrite your new Soul Contract for this life and lives to come. 

The Calling 
Will you answer?
Book a call today to discover if the time is right for you

The Calling Investment: $2222.00

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