This is deep soul work, focusing on healing our past soul lives to bring the wisdom forward, moving through the dark night of the soul, to expand more into our sacred self and open begin to re-open our spiritual medium gifts.  Travel through the multi-dimensional timelines of the books of your soul, including the shadow and the light books, to liberate the energy imprints and become your own Spirit Guide.


 Channeled Soul Past Life Session

Soul Past Life Sessions brings forward your wisdom for other lives you have lived, it releases all the karma those places and times maybe holding on to.


You will feel lighter as I work as a medicine medium to track past live energies in your field,  projections from others and yourself that have crystallized as a imprint. Often times the worry, anger, hurt is not ours it was put upon us subconsciously.  If we leave these energies in our field we will constantly be living someone's live and stay stuck in fear.

Corrina will guide you into a deep state of relaxation, as you journey to the past to free your future and bring forward your soul wisdom to navigate this life.


Each session last about an hour and is known to bring healing at a deep level and expands your consciousness to new levels.  

Price:  for each session $225.00 

Channeled Soul Illumination

Soul Illumination sessions reconnects the cords of your soul that have been fragmented due to trauma. It restores vital energy to your auric field and provides access to your soul codes and higher purpose on life.  When the soul is healed, it can begin to access higher wisdom from the Divine universe and remember its destiny.


Corrina will guide you through a medicine journey, and work intuitively to go to the places where your soul split and work energetically to return them to you. She will energetically work to heal the 9th psychic center within you. She will channel a message from your Spirit and Guides.  

What may be included in your one-hour session

Energy Cord Cutting from places, people or timelines and reconnection to your soul

Insight to Soul Contracts and the book of shadow's and Light

New Soul Purpose Map for your Life

Price:  for each session $225.00