Shamanic Soul Illumination

We are more Soul than body and our soul is very sensitive and protective of our human self.  I have come to experience any trauma we have experienced must be healed at the Soul level. Soul is part of who we really are and when healed the soul will guide  you happily on your path. It wants to be heard and loved  and trusted by your human self.  It will lead you on great mystical adventures.


As you step into the North Direction of soul illumination initiation you start  to access lost treasures of who you really are, and begin to manifest a Soul Map to live by,


Shamanic Soul Illumination

North Direction

This is truly soul therapy work where we dive together into the deep oceans of energy to restore your joy, happiness, abundance, and whole self. Piece by piece we gather the precious parts of you that where hurt and wounded by others self and past lives. Experience yourself like never before, welcome home beautiful soul.

The Soul Illumination work will free you from the past that still causes chaos in your live today, heal the hurt you still carry in your heart and return you to the beautiful path you were suppose to be on before all the pain. 

The way it works:  I will guide you through a medicine journey, and work intuitively to go to the places where your soul pieces are and work energetically to return them to you. There are a series of sessions we will engage in to truly integrate your soul .

 Each session will take a least one hour which can be done remotely or in person.  

The Soul Illumination includes:

Blue Lotus Tea Ceremony

Energy Cord Cutting and reconnection

Insight to Soul Contracts and Records

Shamanic Energy Soul Retrieval and Recovery

Shamanic Medicine Journey

Flower Despacho Ceremony

New Soul Map for your Life

Channeled Transmission form your Spirit and Guides

Price:  for each session $225.00 or 5 sessions for $1000.00

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