Shamanic Luminous Session

Remember who you are, and walk in your own powerful presence.  We often hide our Spirit Self behind our human, but when our human needs healing it is the Spirit that will find you and offer you beautiful medicine.

As you step into the West Direction you will feel liberated, connected and a deep sense of peace.


The Luminous

West Direction

You will feel lighter as I work as a medicine medium to track past live energies in your field,  projections from others and yourself that have crystallized as a imprint. Often times the worry, anger, hurt is not ours it was put upon us subconsciously.  If we leave these energies in our field we will constantly be living someone's live and stay stuck in fear.

Ready to live your life, and find out who you really are, if so then the Luminous session is for you.

The Luminous session connects you to your Spirit, and invites you to offer over all the fear, all the stories, and the identities you gave yourself.  Instead you are able to see with the eyes of your Spirit, which is fearless, healing and loving.

The way it works:  I will guide you into a past live journey and work energetically to remove any energy intrusions restricting your energy flow. The Luminous Sessions has many parts to it and will take more than one session. 

The Luminous Sessions include:

Luminous field energy consultation

Past Live Medicine Journey

Shamanic Energy Extraction

Ancestor Healing

Fire Ceremony

Aura, and Chakra illumination

Connection to your Spirit and Guides

Price:  for each session $225.00 or 5 sessions for $1000.00