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Lightbody Limpa's

Lightbody Limpa's


Having access and the knowledge to conduct Energy Cleansing is powerful for your overall wellness. These techniques empower personal self healing and spiritual growth.  For personal self healing the aroma’s pull you in to a place of calmness, clarity and peace giving you time away to be present.  For spiritual growth it teaches you how to turn on and access your intuitive abilities to provide insight about your wellbeing and of others.  It opens up the third eye channels.


These practices allow you to access the parts of you that you cannot see, your emotions, your thoughts and your soul and provide a deeper connection to you and others.


As you learn to go into a trance and peace state you will start to shift your consciousness more and more and access the higher realms of mystical magic.  In this space you can re-create and manifest and call up your guides to assist you personal and spiritual inquires.


Learn the Shamanic Art of Cleansing Energy and Transforming your seven Energy Fields for a vibrant Energy Body and feel a deep sense of connection to Self. Some traditions call this a Limpia cleansing.


Shamanic Cleansing is an ancient ceremony and ritual practice that allow you to access the energetic imprints of worries, fear and disempowerment. It restores the subtle intelligent energy body allowing you to access your intuition, your wisdom, and your highest wellness. Feel a deep sense of yourself returning and expansion of clarity and reconnection with your Spirit and medicine.


Teachings included:

How to sense into your Lightbody Fields 

Going into trance for better results to see, feel or know where to focus.

Sensing into your clients fields so you know which cleansing is required.

Breath to help the client move the energy internally

Learn how to make Plant Medicine Sprays for the Lightbody.

Also understand what emotions are aligned with the different layers of the lightbody and what limpa to use.


Elemental Cleansing

Cleansing with Water

Cleansing with Wind (Breath)

Cleansing with Sound & Mantra's

Cleansing with Fire

Cleasing with Earth 

Cleanse our Space


Come to the workshop in the comfort of your own home . You will receive directions and items list you will need for the workshop.

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