Awaken your Spirit Language

Learn how you communicate with your own Spirit and understand how to turn that into medicine.  You will learn how to access Shamanic skills such as tracking, sensing and reading energy.  As a healer or energy therapist you will learn to track at the level of body, emotions, soul and Spirit. As you learn to trust what you are receiving, the deeper the healing will be for yourself and others.

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Awaken your Spirit language

East Direction

These sessions are for healers, energy therapist and coaches who are looking to improve their skills in mediumship, Clairvoyant, and energy tracking.  In these sessions we will work to to understand how you connect to Spirit, and how to make sense of what is coming through as medicine.

Language of  Spirit is mentorship for three full months one on one with me personally.  I will be your Spirit Guide on this journey.

What is included:

Once a week private session for an hour.

Guided practices for homework

Created medicine book from your downloads, and wisdom

Clearing of any blockages in your psychic energy fields.

Understanding the difference between Spirit and ego.

Listening to your Spirit and Guides

Connecting to your Spirit for Guidance.

and more.

Price: $888.00

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