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Transport your consciousness from ordinary time to sacred time. I invite you in to relax, unwind, heal, receive support and guidance around your soul growth and empowering your own spirit wisdom. Give yourself this time of ceremony and experience altered states of your own Spirit in Sacred Ceremony. Ceremony is a deeply beautiful and powerful way of life co-creating with your Spirit.



Is a Spiritual led approach for healing and reconnecting you back to your divine wholeness, and empowering wisdom from your Spirit.  Step into this portal of the soul and spirit and remember who you truly are.

Ceremony is sacred and will offer you a space to commune with Spirit and guides, to call forward insight and your own medicine for sacred expansion. Join this 2 hour session.

  • Ceremony sessions are for you if you have a deep desire to connect to your higher self.

  • You need support through the dark night of the soul.

  • You are going through difficult times in your life.

  • You are open to mystical experiences.

  • You need time to retreat just for yourself.

  • You are a spiritual person and ready to start receiving guidance from your own Spirit.

  • You are committed to your spiritual journey

  • You are open to Clairvoyant energy work, channeled healing, and Shamanic ancient therapies

  • You are ready to try ceremony for your own healing, and spiritual growth.

  • Your deepest desire is to know yourself at the spiritual level.

  • You are open to shift your vibration to higher states for profound healing and ascension.

  • Your trust your souls calling to engage in ceremony sessions.

  • You are ready for awakening even more.


Weather you are a newbie to spirituality or a seeker

Corrina will guide you utilizing her ClairSenses skills along with working your energy field, your Spirit and Guides to customize this deep awakening modality.

You will experience a beautiful deep shift in your consciousness, guides approaching you, multi-dimensional energy experience, energy buzzing through your body from higher vibration activations. Psychic abilities opening and a view of your Spirit Self through Shapeshifting.

Ceremony is both mystical and magic you never know what Spirits will show up to guide us. For those who are ready to take the next step in their Spiritual growth. These sessions are in person and be done in zoom after we discuss.


The Ceremony Invitation

STEP 1:  Consultation before your Ceremony, to understand your desires for the Ceremony Session. Leave with a ceremony bundle to work with in your own self ceremony.

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