Munay is a healing modality for healers who have been working with energy for awhile, who have claimed their

ClairSense ability have been practicing these skills. Munay healing is an energetic therapy training aimed at dealing

with the emotional  and spiritual wellness, and be used for overall wellness, anxiety, depression, grief, sorrow, shame, guilt,

extreme stress, fear, heartache, anger insecurity and surpressed emotions. We will be learning th


Munay Healing was born from the rites of Munay-ki from our Shamanic ancestors of Quechua. 

After completing my Shamanic 2.5 years of training from masters master Shamans, Four Wind Society,

I learned to tap into my ClairSenses at a deeper level that would be able to serve others on their healing journey.

  Munay means LOVE and energetic terms this is the highest frequency to work with.

Munay  goes beyond receiving the rites. The rites are a beautiful way to activate the energy within your energy fields,

but I found as a healer myself each right can be a healing modality within itself.  Often  many healing modalities teaches us

the techniques of the healing and  rarely focuses in on the healers and building their intuitive skills, as well what are you

healing and how do you know it was successful. In this very unique training I would like to share how Munay can be shared for working with your clients and how you can empower them to take charge of their wellness as part to the process.

We will be doing alot of practices with our own skills, understanding what type of ClariSenses you are, understanding

the messages you are receiving and how to apply that as healing for your clients. As you start to read, sense and understand

energy you will be able to help shift energy within the energy channels, the chakra's and the seven luminous energy fields.

This course integrates traditions of Shamanic medicine from Peru and China, your ClairSenses abilites, and Energy Medicine.


incense in a woman hand, incense smoke o


Limpa  a form of energy cleansing 

Earth  & Flower acupressure

Plant Medicine


The 9 Charkra Systems

The 7 Luminous Auric Fields and Emotional Mapping

Energetic Psychology

Elements and related Emotional Mapping

Emotional and Body Connections and Locations

Energy Patterns

The Spirit Meridian Points

Cellular Emotional Map



Preparing  yourself for sessions

Creating the space for the client

Preparing your medicine tools 

Medicine Journeying

Practicing your Clair Skills

Assesement Forms

Client Forms & Progress






Cleansing  and Purifying the Chakra  Gateways front and back system

Listening to the bodies psych intelligence

Qi Emission Techniques

Elemental Energetic Balancing, Water, Air, Fire, Earth, Ether

Spirit  Points  Acupressure to release the emotional  energy

Breathwork to settle the nervous system

Energetic Cupping and Invisble Needling

Energetic Cord Cutting

Breathwork for Healing

Energetic scanning

Medical Intuition

Full Body healing

Energetic Analysis

Releasing and imprinting new energy

Muscle testing the innate body intelligence.


Medicine Ceremonies

Daily Offerings

Daily Self-Healing

Daily Spirit Connection

Daily Cleansing

Daily Body Bliss Qi Movement practices

Self-Healing Ceremonies

Distant healing

Despacho offerings

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Join us for a on-line program with weekly live teachings & practices 


PREREQUISITES: You are utilizing your ClairSenses skills are familiar with

Subtle Energy systems and want to assist others on their healing  journey. 

This is not a teachers training  it is a practitioners training.    

If you are interested in utilizing Shamanic practices and

energy medicine to provide your clients healing, this is the training for you. 

This training also serves as a way of self-healing, deepening your ClairSenses skills, your ability to read and shift energy, self source healing for yourself and others.

Program Opens September 5th and you will have weekly access to new teachings.

This program will be a mix of self paced study, living meetings for support and weekly ceremony gathering.  You will have the time and space to learn, apply and practice everything. 

Your Instructor

Corrina Choe is the founder of  Nourishing the Spirit  and the Munay healing Modality and is certified as a  Master Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner, Ayurveda-Yoga Instructor, Ayurveda Consultant, Shamanic Chinese Medical Qi-Gong Practitioner, Breath and Meditation Practitioner, Reiki Master, Shamanic Healing and Cacao Ceremonialist and Energy Medicine Practitioner with over 1500 hours of study and teaching.  Corrina brings her unique medicine as a Clairvoyant to all of her teachings and offerings.

Corrina has studied with some of the most prestigious healers and masters all over the world including Shamans from Peru, International Quantum Energy teachers, Masters for Daoism, Neigong, Qigong, Dao Yin, ShenGong, High Priest for Shamanic Chinese Medicine Qi Gong, Master Yoga Therapist and International Tui na  for Women's  Wellness Master.