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Join me in this intimate group trance ceremony journey. This is a space of high vibration working with Spirit Guides of  the Light.  They will enter the ceremony and guide me around the collective energy and I will allow light language to flow through me to activate your auric fields.  Come with an open heart to receive from your Spirit



Enter this sacred space ready to receive transmissions from your own Spirit and Spirit guides of Light.

These sessions are virtual or in person with a group of 6 at a time.  Everyone will be guided through a Spirit journey based on what the collectives energy is calling for.  

You enter sacred space, lay down with a eye mask and  Corrina will start, you will hear light language, feel energy shifting in your body in a form of movement, tinkling sensations and more.   Once the journey is complete, Corrina will share the visions, and energy shifts that came in, and any specific guides that come in.

You will be surprised how a group comes together with the same vibration at the same time.


Trance Ceremony Reading

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