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It is hard to live a life with a part of you missing, the part of you that makes you. You will always feel like something is missing, and long for that deep love that can never be satisfied until the soul becomes frees and comes back to you. 

We have all lost a part of our soul along this path of life and realize that we no longer want to live this way, because it feels so painful.  I have meet women and their beautiful souls just waiting to come back to them, to hear the whispers of their own Spirit once again. They have tried everything and still not able to touch that very part of them selves not for a lack of trying or, healing, but because of the soul being trapped in fear.

As a channel for your spirit, I support women to connect to the Language  of their Spirit, and reclaim being their own Spirit Guide. As you learn to trust, remember and awaken your Sacred Senses, you will hear, feel or see the parts of you that were repressed and hiding from the light.  

As a women who has been on a healing journey and understands what it feels like to be in the dark night of the soul  more than once, I will support you to the other side where the light awaits you.  Each time we pass through the darkness the lighter it becomes, and there your Spirit  waits for you. All the answers, healing, insight you seek are within your own Spirit.  Get still in the darkness when it arises again and here I will meet you to hear  your own Spirit.

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