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Private Soul Retrieval Ceremony healing the Spirit Self

When Trauma occurs there is a part of our self that separates from our being.  In Shamanism we call this soul fragmentation and until this part of us is reclaimed we will feel like we are living someone else life and we will be cut off from our own self.  We tend to be living in survival mode and that becomes our new normal, leaving the best of you behind.  We will work together to call back in all the pieces that was left behind to unite you with your wholeness once again.  You will be nurtured, cared for and supported during session as you drift off in between worlds of  energy, your physical body and Subtle bodies healing at the deepest level.




Soul Loss

I am skilled at navigating  matters of the soul due to my own journey of recovering my soul essences. Whether you are feeling a little lost, not quite sure who you are yet, having feelings like something is missing, I will support you through recovering these soul pieces. 

Body Disconnection

 I use somatic movement, breathe, awareness and Daoist Alchemy to slowly reconnect you with your own body.

Dark Night of the Soul

My channeling allows me to speak directly to your soul to prepare a healing and energy therapy to support during this time of uncertainty.  I will guide you to turn your deepest wounds into your wisdom of love.

Soul Trauma Treatment

Whether you suffer from feeling disconnected from your body, feel a deep sadness within, have problems with receiving love, feel stuck or lost and are dealing with anxiety.

Finding your Purpose

I work with you through understanding your Soul Energy and provide a reading of where your Soul may be out of vibrational alignment with this live time.  This work is done at the energetic level utilizing the Aura and Subtle Bodies

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My method to engage your soul as a partner for liFe

We start with a consultation and then I conduct an energy scan and receive the visions to where this energy in time is stuck on your behalf.  Holistic healing will follow along with an integration space where you will be supported in trance state while I use holy smoke, sound and incense to assist you.

Spirit Vision Reading

Shamanic Energy Medicine

 Soul Ceremony

Soul Energy Healing

Inner Retreat Work

Clearing Soul Imprints

Partnership with your Soul


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